Compound in abha

I am moving with my family to abha from Pakistan. I want to know if there are any compounds in abha. I need a 2 bed furnished place near KKU.

Hi all
I am Dr. Hassan, and considering to join KKU Abha as an assistant professor, could you please provide me some information about the family housing in compound (western compound) and how much the rent for 2-3 bedroom, apartment near the KKU, is there any Good english school, appreciate your response.
Dr. Hassan

Hi. Dr hassan how r u? did you find any good compound in abha and also some good school?
There are 2 compounds in abha but they are not good as compared to Riyadh and Jeddah compounds .  very small and congested
1 : Al Rawdah Village and 2nd one just in neighbor to this ..

Abha is very nice and safe city i am living here since last 11 years .. you could find very good apartments under 1500 to 2000 SAR / month  and they will be better than  compounds.

come here take hotel for few days and contact with state agencies for rental apartment.