spanish courses in egypt

hi!! i am looking for spanish courses (for begginers) in egypt,cairo !!!
would someone please help me??

try to contact Nadia she is from Colombia her language is Spanish *
if you know any German person to learn me German please help me
Good luck

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Hi Jazmin!

I'm Spanish and living in Cairo. I could teach you some Spanish if you help me with my Arabic. Are you interested?

Dear All, I am related to IT field but i also teach english, if anyone is intersted,I will be glad to guide.
I am keenly interstd in learning French. Please help.

im looking for spanish teacher, please contact me in case you know any one
thank you

Please post in the classifieds > language classes

Hola a todos,

My name is Laura, I am native spanish teacher.
We recently have open the new El Rehab Spanish Club, so if you want to know more about spanish language and culture, please don't hesitate to contact me at 01276100039 or email me at elrehabspanishclub[at]
Te espero!!

I will PM u as I wanna learn spanish!

Why don't u contact the Spanish embassy in Egypt ...

Hola a todos,

My name is Laura, I am native spanish teacher. I live in El Rehab City, so if you live around New Cairo, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Maadi, don't hesitate to contact me. I do offer courses for both adults and children for all levels. Groups or private. If you want to learn spanish I can help you, prepare for your exams, spanish for travellers, business spanish....
You can contact me at elrehabspanishclub[at] or call me at 01276100039.

Os espero!!


Cervantes Institute
Name:    Cervantes Institute
City:    Cairo
20 Boulos Hanna St., Dokki. Telephone: 360-1746

hello , I am reem , be I can help you in your arabic and u can teach me spanish :))

Hola Reem,

Defenetely I will contact you when I arrive to Cairo as currently I am in London.

Will be great if you can teach me arabic and you can join one of my courses in my Spanish Language Centre in Nasr City that will open this summer.

Take care and if you can give me your email I will contact you if you are interested.

Also, if you know any one interested in learn Spanish, please let them know that this summer a new Spanish Language Centre will Open in Nasr city and we will offer courses for both adults and children and for all levels, spanish for business, spanish for travellers, exams' preparation for the University, DELE preparation, translation, conversation courses....

Take care and I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

My email is:



i'm muhammed from EGYPT,EL REHAB CITY
YOU CAN HELP ME IN learning spanish and help u in arabic

Hi muhammed,

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You can post an advert on the Egypt classifieds, Classes/Language classes section this will surely help.

Hi Mohamed,

I give Spanish Classes in Heliopolis.
I have a native fluency in Spanish and previous experience in teaching French & Spanish.
Check my FB page[moderated: no free ads pls]
Hope you like it and find it interesting :)

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please i want anyone help me to learn spanish and give me any place i could learn there

Hi ola farouk,

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I suggest you to post an advert in the Language classes in Egypt, this might be helpful.

Thank you,


the Spanish institute in Zamalek

Hi Diamanti,

Can you be more specific please :) ?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

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I want to learn Spanish and since Spanish courses in Cairo are super expensive. I would be grateful if someone supports me in that.

I want to register  to me and to my sister

hi, the Spanish Institute it's not in Zamalek!! It's in Dokki, street Bolous Hanna. Near metro: Dokki. and it's called Instituto Cervantes. Search in the internet and you will find all information about it.

Warm Regards

PD: I also teach Spanish :P

Anyone knows an instructor/ institute that teaches Spanish in 6th of October area?

Hi I live in new Cairo and I am looking for one to one Spanish lessons in new Cairo. does anyone know where or who is qualified to do so. Please contact me at basmaa /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\

Hi Basmaabdel,

You may find what you are looking for here : Language classes in Egypt. :)
Also feel free to drop an ad as well.



i can help you with arabic if you teach me spanish

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For now i will invite to drop an advert in the designated section here ----> Language Exchange in Egypt pls :)

Thank you


hi i would like to learn Spanish and im good to learn you Arabic

waiting your kind reply

Hi I am egyptian and I studied spanish for 5 levels. I can teach you Arabic and you teach me Spanish

Hello guys,

I study Spanish and i have been to Mexico 3 times and i want to meet up and practice some spanish.
wish u all the best

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heeey sweetie I can teach you arabic and you teach me spanish

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Hi, I´m from Colombia I live in Cairo and I could teach you :)


best regards
Adriana Tamayo

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