Italian Trip ideas with friends

Hi everyone. I would like to ask if anyone here have visited France, Rome and Venice. I had been to Rome a couple of times but I was not yet able to roam around the city much as want. This September my friends and I am planning to visit these three places. Aside from these, which other states in Italy or Europe is best to visit? And roughly how much each of us need to prepare for the trip. I am from New Berlin and I will be traveling with my three friends. Any idea would be much appreciated.

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I don't have any idea about Europe but if you post this thread in European Union Forum you will get better reply..........


it's hard to answer that question without knowing better what you are interested in, what languages you speak, and what kind of budget (time and money) you have. ALL the regions in Italy have something wonderful to offer, as do all the countries in Europe. Not all of them might be to your liking though- do you want museums? Beaches, interesting food, lots of traveling and quick stops, vs a week or two to really soak up a place?

You also mention an entire country as your destination (France). It's an incredibly diverse country that has almost every climate type, and experiences ranging from big cities down to tiny villages. I think it might be worthwhile to do a bit more general research and come back with slightly more specific questions so people here can be more helpful.

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If you go to Rome, try the Chinese food.

Great question. I disagree somewhat with the idea that posting this elsewhere will yield any better result by the way. Many of us expats have traveled the world. Hard telling where you will catch up to us.
Back to the question. Perhaps my most favorite country in the world is Austria. As for Italy it has so many great places.
I think Rome probably has more to see history wise than any other city. Of course, who can dismiss Venice. If you go make sure you go to the back island trips to observe the glass blowing factories. Paris is wonderful and probably has more to see in a very small area of coverage than anywhere. I also thought Bruges Belgium was a fantastic place to visit " The city of Bridges" so we hat reminds me of Venice. One thing for certain you will run out of time before you run out of wonderful places to visit. Bon Voyage!!!