One week in Italy

In August, i am planning to visit one week in Italy. can you help me to find a guide?

Hi Paul,

Italy is a big place, why not tell us what area you will be in and what kind of things you like?

I would like to spend my time in Rome and Florence, about 6 days.

I'm not sure you need a guide; there are many, many resources online that can give you ideas as to what you might be interested in seeing in both cities.  Both Rome and Florence are very easy to get around in by foot, bus or metro, and good city maps and guides (either books or from online sources) abound.  The train trip between the two cities is only 1.5 hours long and the train stations in both cities are very central and easy to get to, however, I would book any tickets in advance, including any museums you might want to see as ticket lines can be long and eat up a lot of your time. However, if you want a guide in both cities, there are plenty to choose from. Again, research online; you will have a lot of choice and can read reviews.

Thank you very much for your information. I will do some research on it, as well going to book the tickets.  It is very useful!

Thanks again!

Here are a couple of sites you might find helpful if you choose to see the cities on your own: … -1947.html

If you are flying into Rome, here is a site listing ways to reach the center:

Rome metro map:

If you are flying into Florence, the easiest way is to take a taxi into the center (cost is about 22 euros).  Florence does not have a metro system, but a pretty good bus system.

Main Airport in Rome: Fiumicino
Main Airport in Florence: Peretola

Train station website if you are taking the train between cities:

Take note that the main train station in Rome is called Termini, and in Florence it is called Santa Maria Novella.  Using the train website, you must enter the cities as known in Italian.  Rome = Roma, Florence = Firenze.