I am new to this forum so forgive me in advance. My husband and I hope to retire and travel in the next couple
of years. Italy is one destination we want to visit. Can any of you tell me what is the best season to come. We live in the US and right now it is 25 degrees. We like traveling when its not super hot, yet not super cold either. Any input??? I know nothing of the country, so all info is valuable.

Hello deb456,

As you might suspect since Italy is also a Northern Hemisphere country the seasons are going to be exactly the same, and at relatively the same time of year, as they are in the USA.

Depending on exactly where you live in the USA, you're probably not going to find the weather too much different than that you have at home.

However, there are a number of variables that you must also consider such as elevation which are going to also have an effect on the general weather conditions.

You might want to read the following webpage for a clearer understanding.

James       Expat-blog Experts Team

Thank you for your reply and also the link. I will be checking it out.

Hi,  I went to Bari, Naples, the southern end of Italy, in March.  It was a bit chilly.  I would suggest going in September/October.  I believe lows are 60's, highs about 75, 80.  I'm from the states also.
Italy is so beautiful, enjoy!


Hello Deb,

I can relate my husband and I spent 2009 and this past year both in the north and the south in The Puglia region.
The summer months are fine all over as there are all sorts of mountainous towns to get out of the heat. I recommend a car. It's easy to drive and you see so much more. May-October are my favorite times August will bring festivals nightly all over the country.  We love it and will be back in the Bari area for 6 months this year. Central Europe is amazing Budapest, Vienna and Prague are all close and beautiful, we are living here the first of 2015. Hope this helps. We eat out every meal so restaurants are easy to recommend also we prefer to live in hotels so depending on the area can recommend many.

Thank you so much for your input. It's a great help.

Thank you Angelinna,
Sounds like perfect temps to me.

Feel free to contact me anytime you need additional information and enjoy your travels. Linda