hello everyone!!

I would like to share this great experience that I had this past week.
Last week i went in Valle d'Aosta(ITALY) to a Bed & Breakfast Hotel apt.called LA ROCHE.
The place is clean, quiet, private, with great views of the mountains and whats the most important the owners are just the people you wish to meet when you go in a place that you don't anything. They were very helpful for everything recommendations for restaurants, shopping, places to visits (museums, castles etc. etc.).
I will gladly answer all your questions.

Best regards


I would have posted this in the "Italy" section, not Belgium

Hi Aldi!

I moved the thread to the Italy forum.
You should probably recommend it in the Italy business directory.


Here in Belgium,the italians are big part of the society in Charleroi, Liege and i was just advertising a place for the italians that live here no need to move the thread in their forum.

People that come to Belgium forum is to have information on Belgium, Belgian places. If someone is interested to go to Italy he will go to Italy forum.