Cooking schools or classes in Italy

I am looking for cooking schools or classes in Italy for non-professional, but very enthusiastic students. Really hoping to find something off the beaten track with a focus on regional cuisine and local, seasonal ingredients. If you know of any please share your experience!

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I will suggest you to post an advert also on the Italy classifieds page, Category>Classes. This might help as well ;)


Here in Florence there are a couple of possibilities we know (it is where I usually send my students of Italian language): one is a lady who has been teaching Italian cuisine for more than 10 years, she is very popular and has always published a nice booklet. Tuscan Home Cuisine is her speciality. Private lesson, or small groups with max. 4-5 students.
Otherwise a more "fun oriented" place, with more space and more people, less expensive.

If you are interested (and happen to be in Florence) just let me know !

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