Best web sites and services for finding rental homes in Puerto Rico?

Can anyone recommend some web sites and/or brokers for finding houses for rent in Puerto Rico?

I'm specifically interested in the Isabella/Aguadilla/Rincon area. It's all you'll need.

Hi JohnExplorer,

Here you go: Puerto housing section.

Armand Team

GreggK : It's all you'll need.

Yup that's the best way to find something in PR online.

Provide requirements ($$, #rooms, etc) and I'll give a shout out to the Rincon community via Facebook.

Wish I had known you when we were looking for a place when moving to PR. Rincon was our first choice but had to settle for a place in Moca due to time and cash restraints. Could only find one place in Rincon at the time that even came close to what we were looking for .

Like GreggK and Gary said, is where it's at. Victor a great personal resource as well.

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