I plan to go to Damascus in August for two weeks. I woud like to have a contact with expats overthere. I plan to take a 2-week intensive Arabic course, but I know that during the month of Ramadan not much is going on. But this is the only time I can come because I have vacation at that time.
How I should approach this matter? Are there also private teachers?
I would also like to find out about housing. Sharing housing is a possiblity, but I could also rent an apartment. Is it possible to do that just for 2 weeks? How much does it cost?
Also, how is the weather the second part of August?
I would appreciate if you could help me with some of this information.
Thank you all and take care.

Hi, sorry that no one replied but i don't live in Syria and i was planning a long holiday to Syria next week. can u tell if u already did go , and how was the country, the people ? what to expect to do there ? I want to go to Damascus, have u been there?

many thanks