New members of the Nigeria forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Nigeria forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Nigeria if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Just got in here couple of month back,
well got couple of writing to do.....
Maybe later

I've been to Abuja, Nigeria in 2006 to 2007 and again from 2010 to 2013. It will take you some time to adapt to the system, for sure. My advice: try to build up SLOWLY a relationship to a Nigerian co-worker to then learn about the politics of living there. Some decisions made by the locals may not be logical to you, but are when you know the background of politics, influence and status of the involved persons.

Hi All,
i have been to Nigeria since 2008, l am from South Africa, my experience there has been very fruitful and pleasant, the people of Nigeria are warm, loving and most welcoming. i lived in VI, where it was very safe, one just has to be street wise, i consider Nigeria as my second home as it own me and i love it there. Pearl

Dear sir,

Thank you for welcoming me.


Hello! Thanks for the warm welcome. Been here since August 2013; was initially positive about the move but it's taking longer to settle down properly than anticipated and new country blues are now catching up with me.. Came across this forum and thought chatting with others who can relate with that feeling would help... I've lived in several other places so this shouldn't be new but it seems heavier this time... I have 2 small kids and are a stay-at-home (more like drive-around😉) mom with dreams about returning to professional life in the not too distant future... A balanced and interactive life will do for now. Enough said!

Hi Everyone, am Ayodele Michael.
Well am not New in Nigeria, but new in here, and i came looking because i need help with challenge of shipping a few items from India to Nigeria and i need help. I hope its going to be fun here and looking forward to meeting remarkable people. I also welcome Everyone new in this country and put to you that Nigeria as got everything you could ever need, just make sure you are in the right place and with reasonable people....Enjoy.

hi,i am Tony,,,a research scientist in Federal ministry of science and tech....

Hi Pearl good to meet you here. are you still in Nigeria?

Thank you for the welcome note!. My name is Maria, my family and I will be moving to Abuja at the end of this month.

I am new on the platform and Iam hopping to meet Nigerians who live in Panama. Do you live in Panama?

Hi Maria,
You are welcome keep in touch, let me know if you are on Skype, BB or whatsaap

Hello Friends  I just relocated to Abuja 2 months ago.. hope t catch up with you all soon.
Regards and Rock On

Thank you for welcome me to the group, I am new here in Nigeria and I hope to have good time and learn more.
What we do in Tanzania ?? We have safari company to help people arrange there Vacations to Tanzania and Zanzibar.[moderated: no free ads please]
I look forward to meet all of you out there.

[Moderated: please post your job offer in the Teaching jobs in Lagos section pls ]

Thank you for the kind welcome. I follow my husband's professional move here. It's our very first African experience. Though not very easy in the beginning, we are slowly getting to know the local "way", the "accent" in spoken English, the moving rhythm in daily life, the villages at the outskirt areas, the never-ending construction sites, etc. The first impression of personal contact didn't make me feel welcomed, but much better after a little chat… to warm-up! Hope to learn more from those been here for a while…

we will rock and we are a  new  family group..... Enjoy


Thanks for the warm welcome, i want to know if there is any Nigeria living in Serbia. Pls email me, kennedy4christ1[at]

Hello what help are you looking for I'm from india stays in nigeria

Hi freind i am not sure about any Nigerians  i know of living in Serbia

Hi All,

Thanks for warm welcome my name is ajay.

thanks for the sweet welcome.

my sister,what do we nigerians owe u(laughter)? anyway,thanks for being our sister,u are well appreciated and welcome home anytime.. austeen

Hi every name is samwel and I now have at leat a month in Nigeria...I am a financial structure consultant and would wish to meet my fellow Tanzanians living in Nigeria...I stay in Lekki phase 1 Lagos

Thank you for accepting me.... am a Nigerian and a godly mother.
am a mother and a Doula/Nanny. i have two decades experience in taking care of babies both new born and older babies (0month–10years).
have worked In and Out of Nigeria as a Nanny with Twins and stays with mother-to-be in the hospital.
send me an email on personnel34[at]

am a mother and a Doula/Nanny. i have two decades experience in taking care of babies both new born and older babies (0month–10years).
have worked In and Out of Nigeria as a Nanny with Twins and stays with mother-to-be in the hospital.
send me an email on personnel34[at]

Hello..i am Ella,i have been living in Lagos for about 5 years..i am a Nigerian but look forward to meeting people of other nationality

Hello' my fellow people in the building. I am new bee in the house. Olumuyiwa gabriel by name live in ibadan currently in lagos. A young enterpreneur looking forward to meet people of different tribes and nationality. [Moderated: No free ad on the forum.]

I am Rajiv Jajodia From Hyderabad India, I am considering a Job Offer from Mohinani Group Of Company. From the News what we get i am confused if it is a safe place to say. I am Contacting through this forum to Know if the Place is really safe to Shift. I would i wonder if you can help me with it. I would also appreciate if you could help me with the cost of living and about the company Mohinani.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Rajiv Jajodia

To all the expat members in Abuja
How do uu find the secuurity situation in Abuja now?

I don't kno where the Mohinani group of company is,but if u are in Abuja or Lagos u are safe.for the cost of living Abuja is costly as compare to other states in Nigeria.but u can also make good money in Abuja.

thanks for the reply. how is the cost of living vis-s vis India lets say mumbai

I've never been in Mumbai b4 so I can't compare.accomodation here is costly n it depends on the area where u'll like to live.but if ur company pays u good money u can make it.where ur company located ?Abuja or Lagos?cross river state n Akwa-ibom state are very peacefull ,beautiful n cheap states.

Pls let's talk with yahoo mail.this is my email adafavour24[at]

Thanks for the messgage

Do u hav a gmail, i do not have a yahoo mail id. My gmail id is rajivjajodia(at)gmail or if you do not have one i will create on yahoo id

Rajiv Jajodia

I dnt hv gmail.wher r u now?

Ok I will get a yahoo one and contact you shortly. i am now In India, Hyderabad.

i got one nd have pinged u.

Hello All,
My name is wale living in south Africa with my wife and a daughter we are planning to relocate to Australia ,But don't know the  best place to stay that will have jobs prospect.

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