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Hi all,

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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Taiwan if you are planning to move there.

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Hey Everyone,

My names Paul, I have just turned 28 and I am from England.  I am currently in Taichung, as that is where my girlfriends family live, we met about 18 months ago whilst backpacking in Australia.  I have been in Taichung for just over a month now, it is really time to sort myself some work out to get my visa to stay.  I really want to learn chinese so i can speak to her family as they are so friendly and welcoming towards me, but we are all frustrated with the communication. 

My work experience is all accountancy based, having done office based work since leaving school (less the three years travelling).  I believe i will make a great teacher, im very enthusiastic and willing to learn, i just need a school to take a chance with me!  I have had a couple of interviews already as my girlfriend is helping me out a great deal.  But to me it seems my lack of experience in teaching is going to be my stumbling block!

If anybody out there knows of any schools currently recruiting, that maybe aren't on the job websites, as we have exhausted them over the past few weeks then i would be extremely grateful.  Or if anybody has any advice on the fact i don't have any teaching experience that would be great.

Looking forward to getting to know other expats in Taiwan.


Paul Woodall

Dear Julien,

Thank you very much for your email. I would love to share my experience had in Taiwan in January 2014, I prefer not to talk about it as it was not really positive. I came in Taiwan to follow my partner, who is Taiwanese, and since 1 month I had to come back to Italy again.
I am glad to have had subscribed with, hopefully one day I will have another chance to come back in Taiwan and meet new people and share positive experience with them.

Sincerely yours,


Hello and greetings to all of you here.  :)
My name is JSean, a 27yo Malaysian Chinese who is confident, active, positive, and love challenges.
I am not an expat yet, but I am keen to learn, gain, and work in Taiwan apart all the possibilities.
My experiences: Training Development, Marketing Communication (marcom), Marketing, Branding, Admin, Translation & Copywriting, Membership Services.

JSean Q

Am glaHi everyone,

My name is Keith and is from hong kong.  I have been working in taipei for three months.
I love playing soccer but there are not many chances to play here. I am glad if anyone here has joined any soccer team. I am eager to join.

Hiya, my name is Paul (I see another Paul below but), and I'm a 33-year-old expat from Korea.
It's been a month or so since I started to work in Neihu Dist, Taipei. I don't really have a clue about what is the acceptable thing to put in here.  :joking:
Well, as I lived in China for about a year in the previous year, so I speak a bit of basic Chinese. I found this city very interesting and good to settle down. I'm assigned to work here for another 4 years so we'll see where the wind blows.
Anyway, I've decided it's a good time to get in touch with my fun side - and so I wish I can do stuff I've always wanted to do, but haven't really got around to doing. I always look out on the new people that are confident in themselves. I respect people that have a good head for business (seriously) and have a real passion for whatever they do. I like those who know what they’re doing and what they want, but have a quiet sensitive side as well. I tend to be quite shy (but who isn't?) and quiet when I first meet people, but definitely open up more when you get to know me better.
I hope we can hangout some time go for some Taiwan beer! lol
I've found everybody here in this city uses LINE, so please add me ; paulwatanabe

Hi everyone!

My name's Salin and I'm from Switzerland. I've relocated to Taiwan to look for new challenges, making new friends and importantly for my fiancee. Currently I'm taking mandarin class in NTNU in Taipei.
I'm also seeking a job in IT (IT Support, Service Desk, FAE, Systems Engineering). I'm also passionate for sports. I like playing football (soccer) and rugby.


Hi, I'm Sven Kee, from Malaysia and i'm Chinese
I been here almost 4 weeks, currently staying at a hostel, near Taipei main station,
but luckily i found a cheaper apartment at "Jingmei"
however i'm gonna study in Taipei up to 8 months
so hope can meet some new friends here ;)
I can speak Mandarin(Chinese), Cantonese , English and a bit Malay
if anyone hope to improve Chinese or Cantonese , we can talk;)
since i'm quite free recently,
also if u guys have any activity such as gathering or short trip please let me know then, cheers :)

Hi Everyone, My name is Laetitia, french.
I am now in Taiwan living with my taiwanese partner that I met in Australia when we was traveling.
we will have a baby in november, and we preparing to open a vegan creperie and to manage a building for praise some room near a campus/university near chiayi.
It is not easy for the moment for the communication with his family and his mother very traditional...and also about the food. xD so hope can meet some friends here too !

I can speak french and fluent english :) and wish to learn mandarin.
cheers ;)

well hi everyone.
I am from france,but when to st andrews college since i am 12 years old.During my hollidays i used to help my dad with his hotels and the car dealership from a very young age.I went university for 1 year,then started working for my dad familly business.Then got sent to china to learn chinese.Then now i am here now in taipei learning chinese. (Moderated: inappropriate)
I also apeared in a short movie here in taiwan.I am looking for a job as well teaching, Hotel management,modeling,commercial i don't knlw if anyone could help?

that's pretty much it.

I would like to know how to start my own food biz there , selling of cook food , and I also like ti stay there in Taipei ... Any advice

Good day...I'm syc, from Iloilo City Philippines. I really wanna go to taiwan or China. I am a nurse but there is limited hiring of nurses in the hospitals of Taiwan, that's why I'm quite sad I can't apply. I love Chinese community.

Hey there! I am Carrie - 24 years old and moving to Taichung next month to teach English. =) It is very nice to meet you all!
About five years ago I fell in love with Taiwan and decided that I was going to one day move there. After visiting in 2011, this decision was cemented in my mind and I have just been waiting for the opportunity to follow through on my dream. Now, it is coming true.  :D

I look forward to hearing your stories, and hopefully getting to know you!
~ Carrie

Hi Carrie,
Good to hear from you that you will go to Taiwan.
It's a good place to be.

Take care and God bless.

I will be in Taiwan from time to time.
I hope to meet you there.


Hi I am Marco
come from Taipei , is a Incredible Place. you can eat more Delicious Traditional foods, and Convenient transportation MRT, even, you can take a train to enjoy the surfing in Wushih Harbor of Yilan by same day.
I like to travel , and I hope here to know more Taiwanese people around the world .

Hi Paul
my English is no good, don't laugh me. first, welcome you to Taiwan, and here I give you some advice in English teaching.;
1.Teaching Materials   If you are teaching childrens, you can choose some of the familiar fairy tale story, with the shortest simple text.
2. Presentation skill     with drama performances, exaggerated facial expressions in key word, DIY story props,
Taiwanese enthusiastic but generally shy, so I hope to give you some help.

Taipei Marco Ku

Hi peeps!

I have been in taipei for almost 3 weeks for work. My work station is at cityhall station.
I have been traveling around taipei during the weekends, exploring the beautiful city!
I hope to know more people who are here in Taipei or preferably working near cityhall station. Cheers :)

Hi I am Marco Living Taipei ,
I like travel and advertising design. So I often find fresh ideas in Taipei. also hope to share to everyone.
The Taipei is a Incredible City. you can eat more delicious traditional foods in nightmarket, and convenient traffic by transportation MRT, If you like surf, even you can take a train to  Wushih Harbor in Yilan. then back to Taipei by same day. I like to travel , and I hope can know more peoples here and listen everyone your experience around the world .

:D hello everyone,
Like to travel and make new friends.
If we are on internet at the same time,just have a chat.

Shuru   xxx


My name's Alex.  I'm from S-Petersburg, Russia. I like to travel, scuba diving, red vine, to read books... Now I'm looking for jobs in Taiwan and want to live in Taiwan. In this web site I'm looking for new friends for communications and improve my English

Hello! I am Emily, I've just moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I've spent quite a bit of time traveling through different parts of Asia, and a small stint living in Bangkok. I have always wanted to come to Taipei to teach, so here I am! I start my new job tomorrow. I LOVE spicy food, traveling, yoga, and meeting other awesome open-minded people! ;)

Hi everyone! I am sussikutty or Susanna and will very soon be in Hsingchu for studies. I study a mix of Industrial Engineering, Biotechnology and Chinese. In this year my studies will not only be "and Chinese" but "in Chinese", which is freaking me out a little.
I love meeting people, getting to know locals, asking lots of questions and find the best street food. If someone have some good Hsingchu suggestions I would love to hear, the first days in Taiwan in will have some time to kill anyways.
To prepare myself for Taiwan I have been reading everything I could get over about... South India. I just couldn't stop myself! So I feel a little lost right now and know I have a lot of things to learn before my innan take off.
I have been doing some volunteering work in China before and taking a huge amount of photos. If you want to check them out you'll find them here:
Look forward to get to know you guys!


My name is Joanna. I'm from the Philippines. I married a Taiwanese less than a year ago, so now I am in the process of adapting to the Taiwanese culture. I would love to meet other people in Taichung who can help me feel more settled in this beautiful city.

I started working here in Taiwan since 2013. I am from Philippines,and my work here is a Childcare or Caretaker. I loved Taiwan since I was a high school. This my DreAm. This Place is Awesome.

Hi there! I am a Spanish girl! I am thinking of moving to Taiwan in the next months (specifically October or November) to do an internship. I would like to get to know new people and also to read the experiences of people already living there. I think that my internships will be located in Taipei, so I would be really grateful to know how live in that city is. I am used to live in big cities, since I have been living in London last year, but I am afraid (and excited at the same time) it will be too different !!
I am looking forward to moveee!!

Hi, Cheryl!

Glad to hear that you're enjoying your work! I'm also a Filipina, though I haven't been here in Taiwan as long as you have. Do you work in Taichung, by any chance?


Hi all,
My name is Evan Major and I am an 35 year-old American guy studying Mandarin at NTU in Taipei since May 2014.  My goal is ultimately to master Chinese at the advanced level (according to HSK or TOCFL standards) and either to apply to graduate school in linguistics, teaching Chinese as a second language or data analysis.  As an alternative, I would also be open to working in Taiwan teaching English, which seems to be the number one job for native English speakers here.

I am originally from Washington DC and spent three semesters abroad in college studying German and French before I began my adventures in the Army much later in life.  It was my second year in the Army when I began studying Mandarin, and during my 4 year career I worked as a a Mandarin Chinese linguist.  While I did not use Chinese in my job from 2010-2012, I spent almost 1 1/2 years at the Defense Language Institute studying intensive Mandarin from 2008-2010.  I loved every moment of this experience, and I recommend it to any soldier or civilian.

I love Taiwan so far, although I must say that I wish this weather would cool off at some point.  As I told my friend recently, I feel I sweat as much walking down the sidewalk as I do after an hour of working out at the gym!

Cheers to everybody and glad to meet you,

Hi can we be friends i need to learn mandarin. Can you help me., if you have skype add me annaruby04051987 xiexie

Hi there,

my name is Ferdi, i`m from Indonesia, but i`m Chinese. 25 years old.

I have GF whose living in Taiwan, and will move Taiwan as soon as possible before we marry. I can`t talk chinese fluently, but I can talk english and japanese. my background is Interior design.
well, we talk each other in Japanese, not in chinese

I need many advice before move on to taiwan. like how to learn chinese, get a job in Taiwan, etc.

anyone want to help me?

hi y'all

looking for a dependable, motivated housekeeper!! any recomendations? thanks!


hi everyone. im lalaine, 26 and currently working here in taiwan as factory worker. actually i just came last july. im a filipina and worked as a sales clerk in the philippines for almost 3years. im looking for a great agency that would help me find work and enter canada. does anyone knows? thank u soo much in advance. may god bless you all

Hi everyone!

I am 23 years old and I just recently moved to Taichung city to teach English and I would love to learn more about the best places to go out and the best places to visit!!

Thanks :)

Hello everyone good day
I'm not new to this site but I'm new in this forum
I came from Indonesia and had lived in Taiwan for almost 5 years
It would be great if we can make friend and expand the world


Hi There Expat.comgers

My reasons for hooking up with your blog?
I will make it short and sweet.
I am a qualified, male, Enrolled Nurse living in Australia and I wish to nurse in Taiwan as a Nurse Aide in a nursing home setting. ( Anywhere in Taiwan).
I have ten years nursing experience with 4 yrs nursing home experience.
Also, I have many written references and referees to support my claim.
I have a valid passport and I have emailed many applications off directly to nursing homes in Taiwan and Online international Nursing Recruitment Agencies with no result so I am at a loss as to where to go from here!
Any feedback as to what might assist me would be very much appreciated.
Darren Palliaer

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Hi Syc

I noticed your message and you say you are a Nurse looking to work in Taiwan or China.
I am a qualified male Nurse myself and I am interested in nursing in Taiwan as well.
I am living in Australia now.I have never been to Taiwan.
Have you been to Taiwan and looked for work there?
Why do you say it is hard to get work there?
I have sent many email applications to nursing homes in Taipei and had very little response.
I would love to hear from you and talk some more about this.
Hope to hear from you.


Darren Palliaer

Dazzarooni :

Hi Syc

I noticed your message and you say you are a Nurse looking to work in Taiwan or China.
I am a qualified male Nurse myself and I am interested in nursing in Taiwan as well.
I am living in Australia now.I have never been to Taiwan.
Have you been to Taiwan and looked for work there?
Why do you say it is hard to get work there?
I have sent many email applications to nursing homes in Taipei and had very little response.
I would love to hear from you and talk some more about this.
Hope to hear from you.


Darren Palliaer

I would say the language barrier would be a potential problem for any expat trying to find a job in Taiwan.

Hi Kelsey
I hope all is well in Taiwan.   We are very proud of you.   Please be safe...Love Uncle John, Auntie Sue, Dillon and Daniel.

I am a 26 year old San Francisco ABC and have been given a grand opportunity to explore my parent's home country of Taiwan. I have been once before when I was an adolescent and did not have the best experience. Now that I have matured I am excited to go back and learn to appreciate the culture and environment.\

I will be traveling to Taiwan November 24th -Dec 23rd. I will be spending most of my time in Taipei living in different districts and am free to travel anywhere on the whole island.

I am looking for anyone to spend my days there with to help me play tourist, show me the local hot spots, and to simply relax and chill with some new friends.

I know enough Mandarin Chinese to get along but I can understand it better then I can speak it and have no experience in reading or writing.

I am all about outdoor recreation (hiking/backpacking/camping/sitting under a tree), sports, archery, dancing, swimming, and eating.
Ideally I would love to find a class that I can attend weekly involving any physical activity(sport/martial art/dance). I will have no problem treating you meals or admission tickets to something you've always wanted to do.

Even if you cannot commit to being a guide and hangout with me I will appreciate any advice and suggestions so that I can fully immerse myself into the culture and lifestyle.

Thank you,


Hi to everyone out there...~

I'm an artistic single woman from Taipei, and I had been living abroad for almost 10 years. Now I'm based in Taipei and living with two dogs (and a tank of fish, also some plants :P).  I'm looking for an open-minded and respectful roommate (foreigner preferred) to share my apartment w me.  Short term ok!

0 minute to Songshan MRT station, 1 minute to Songshan train station and mall, 0 minute to 7-11, Raohe st. night market, public parking lots, a swimming pool and numerous restaurants nearby the apartment! Oh! Forgot to mention that the Rainbow Riverside Park is just behind the building!

It's a 5 year-old luxurious hotel-management building located at the greatest location of Songshan Dist.. (Songshan is in the middle of the east side Taipei, only 7 minutes to Taipei main station by train and it's cheaper and faster than MRT!)

This 3-bedroom apartment was converted to a 2-bedroom. The well-furnished master bedroom has the most gorgeous view of 101 building with French windows, Scanteaks furnitures, TONS of storage, a reading room, and a bathroom.   The second room is just slightly smaller than the living room.     YOU HAVE THE CHOICE of taking the master bedroom or the 2nd room. I can happily live in either one.

The main bathroom has a shower room and a jacuzzi massage hot tub!!! The kitchen is also well-furnished. You can use any of my kitchen tools and electrical appliance. No Need to Buy!  There is also a gym, a pool and pingpong table, recycle room available in the building.

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