New to Changhua

Hi everyone

I am a 25 year old South African who is relocating to Changhua County. I will be working at a Kindergarten as an ESL teacher and I am really excited!

I just wanted to see if anyone has any advice or tips for me? Also, is anyone here familiar with Sioushuei Township? I'm really nervous about this move! It is undoubtedly a step I need to take, and I would not have it any other way, but I am just scared that there won't be any expats living in this rural 'township'.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Hi AJ 1986,

Welcome to! :)

Working in Kindergartens is illegal in Taiwan for foreigners, so just be careful.  Be sure to know and ask where to hide if the police do a spot check.

Sioushuei is just outside the main city of Changhua.  Changhua has a lot of stuff, but not Sioushuei.  But it's only a 15 minute or so drive into the main city.

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