New members of the Taiwan forum, introduce yourself here

Hi there! I'll be moving to Tamsui coming September. Thought I'd already get myself noticed. I will attend a Master's Program for 2 years and I am really looking forward to it. Though I am more of a city-life guy, Im sure I will be able to make the best out of my life in the charming disctrict of Danshui. Unfortunately, I don't speak Mandarin but I am willing to learn it and hope to find some proper way of doing so on a budget ;)

Hello ex-pats,

I just posted this in another section so my apologies if you are reading this again as I'm not sure where I will get the most response. My name is Diane and I am Canadian. I am currently teaching in Vietnam with my boyfriend and we plan to move to Taiwan to continue teaching in the next few weeks. We've had several job offers already but we are not sure where we should locate. Taichung sounds appealing for the weather factor. Mostly we want a place with a good night life, music events, art festivals, etc. What are you thoughts? Any advice on where we should go would be very helpful. We plan to stick around for a year or more if all is going well.

Hopefully we will get to meet some of you depending where we end up :)


Hi, I'm Julia. I just moved to Taipei earlier this month and am looking forward to getting to know people here. :)

Hi all.

I'm Xavier. Just arrived in Taichung for work. It's easy to get knowing other expat in Taipei, and how about Taichung here?

Hope can meet friends here to improve the language and hang out for better English skill or enjoy my time while I'm in Taichung.


Max Chia :

Hi all

I'm Max Chia from Singapore, 32 this year. Being staying in Taiwan for about a year quite sometime ago. These short spell of staying at that country has make me fall in love to the country. The pace of living, people staying there and food around are something that make my life so much happier than where am I now. I'm a food lover and learn to cook myself, Taiwan is a country that lots of people know how to eat and willing to travel to places to eat nice food. I'm currently finding ways to have a permit to sell Singapore food at the Taiwanese night market, and of cause find a way to stay there permanently as a resident. So fellow expat do share with me the procedure and requirement to set up a small store over in Taiwan night market.

Thanks you guys in advance and good luck to everyone of you.

Max Chia

hi, how is your night market stall coming along? I am a fellow singaporean looking to live in Taiwan, am currently exploring options getting a job or even setup store selling food... will be happy to befren you :)

Hi all! I am currently in taichung taiwan.. honestly I like it here than the philipines. I want to meet people with great interest of exploring and trveling around taiwan so I can visit this beautiful country..

Hey Julia!

My boyfriend and I just moved to Taipei about two weeks ago. Let me know how you're doing and what you have been enjoying. We are working on getting to know more people here and if you would like we can all do it together :)


Hi my name is Selena  from Philippines looking a good oportunity here in Taiwan is there anyone can help to,work in factory...thank you please contact /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ add xxx

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Yo \m/ Hi folks

I'm Amy. I have been living Taipei for eight years. Nice to see you all ^^

August 25, 2016 (Thursday PM, ET in the US)

Dear Taiwan members:

Greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!  I hope you are all doing fine. 

My name is Victoriano Cabiles.  I go by Victor.

I have been in the US for more than 15 years, and I am now a naturalized US citizen.  For the most part, I am a bit bored of the US.  I have traveled to more than 35 States, and I have lived/worked in 8 of them.  Everything is pretty much the same - fast food chains, churches, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, and supermarkets, among other things.  Somehow, I have lost the excitement of living and working in the US.  Not to mention I had to drive to practically anywhere I wanted to go.  Oh, and the Winters could often be harsh.  I am tired of wearing thermals and heavy clothing in the Winter time.

Therefore, I am taking a leap of faith, and relocating to Taipei, Taiwan by the end of October 2016.  Taiwan is an intriguing place for me.  I have been to most of South East Asia: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.  I am originally from the Philippines.  From what I have heard, Taiwan is a beautiful and peaceful country, with a very efficient public transportation.  Yes, I am tired of shoveling snow and getting the snow off my car.

I would like to connect with expats in Taipei.  I am interested in meeting new people, and hopefully, making new friends.  So, if you are currently living/working in Taipei, I would love to hear from you.  I am also excited to learn Mandarin, and could use your advice on which school(s) to attend.

The best way to reach me is through ***.  I check that every day.  Just put 'Taipei' on the subject line, so I know it is from Expat.Com.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from some of you!


Victor Cabiles (MBA, MGM)

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JJ here.  Although new to expat, not exactly new to Taiwan although I don't get around as much as I would like.  I do spend a lot of time at least talking and visiting with those around me so I continue to learn about the culture and my area.  Feel free to ask anything.

Good day ..!!my name is lady lyn bacanto,34yrs of age,a filipino and recently working here in taiwan as a caregiver/ a new be here in taiwan forum..thank you for accepting me here..god bless

Hello! I'm Jessica from Singapore :) I'll be heading to Taipei in March 2017 to be an Au Pair. Looking to meet new people and hang out!
Any Au Pairs wishing to connect please contact me as well! :D

Hi sir..its true..taiwan is one of the beautiful country in asia...there's a lot of breath taking views and peoples are good...are already here..?im also a filipino...take care always sir..and god bless...

Hello everyone!

I'm turning 26 years old this year, from Singapore looking to land a job in Taiwan, Taipei or Taoyuan area. Been wanting to move over, plus my boyfriend is a local there, it makes me want this even more, But I find it hard to land a non-teaching, non-executive job there for me, especially when I have no Degree qualifications etc.

Had met up with a few agents from job hunting companies in Jan this year, but am still waiting for the miracle to happen.
From my understanding, it is easier to find a job if one is married with a Taiwan local, but I do not plan to get married for this reason..

Like to know if anyone has any advice on job-hunting chances?

Thanks in advance!!

Hello, i am jennifer copuz from the philippines i am currently living here in hsinchu taiwan as a factory worker, 25 years old  i work as a machine operator in one of the company in science park.
i sign up here because i want to find a part time job, i prefer most is cleaning houses during my days off   . i can also do typing jobs for you. thankyou.

Hi in paul working here in taiwan im looking  for a part time job anything as long as i earn, every saturday or sunday and during holidays this is my email xxx my number xxx

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Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Pauldayao, could you please drop an advert in the Jobs in Taiwan section of the website. You will be able to create your cv so that if an opportunity arises, employers will be able to review your cv.

all the best,

Hi everyone Im Lynette from singapore. I have been staying here in taipei for 3 years. Hope to know more people and singaporean in taiwan. Feel free to ask me anything about taiwan. I would be glad to help.


Hi All,

My Name is Gearoid, from Dublin, Ireland. I'm 33 years of age. I work as an Engineer in the semiconductor Industry. Just after getting an Job in Tainan and will be moving over later this year, with my Taiwanese wife and our daughter.

My interest include most sports but mainly football, Golf, Hiking and Fitness. Im also a bit of a petrol head with a keen interest in 90's Japanese sports cars, i have a Toyota Supra which unfortunately ill be leaving in Ireland with my brothers who are only too happy to take care of it for me!

I'm looking forward to getting to know the community!


Hi,I'm planning to relocate to Taiwan is it easy to get akin, what about accommodation?

Hello, I'm Rob

I've recently moved to Taipei, and am just now getting settled in.  I'm a late 20s electrical engineering graduate currently working as a business developer.  Looking forward to living and working here.

hi 😊
my name is marjie rose, somebody call me maggi or rose, came from the land of philippines, i work here in taiwan as a factory worker, i am single mom, i graduated bachelor of science in business administration major in management, had experienced too.***

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Im marcarthur. I from port au prince  haiti. Im english translator   Im  loking for a job in taipei  im. A cool guy   With sence of understanding .

Hello, I'm an Australian Taiwanese who have good knowledge about living in Australia and Taiwan, feel free to chat with me :)  i'm interested in Moroccan arab and berber culture, travel, people and food :)  and like to learn and explore more about them ?  And feel free to ask me anything about Taiwan and Australia :)  Thanks.

Hi! I'm Mandi and my husband and I will probably be moving to Taichung from the USA for his job in the next couple of months, possibly as early as October! I've worked in higher education administration here in the U.S. but am not sure if I'll be able to work in Taiwan since I don't know Chinese. I'd love to know anything you want to tell me about life in Taichung, especially what there is to do, recommendations for Mandarin classes, and anything about having a dog in Taiwan. I would also really like to get together with anyone interested in meeting up once we arrive in country :)

For the past years iWork in Taiwan as a factory worker for 3years and I really love Taiwan country most esp.Taiwanese people and if I giving a chance to go back and to work Taiwan I'm very much happy.

Hi everyone!

My name is Mollie, I am a 24-year-old Canadian with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

I have already had the pleasure of living in the following four different countries while pursuing my education and various career opportunities: Canada, Croatia, Austria and The United Kingdom.

I am interested in learning more about Asian business culture as well as learning conversational Mandarin.

After careful consideration of many Asian destinations I have taken a keen interest in moving to Taiwan in the new year (2018).

I have many questions about moving to Taiwan but my most pressing questions are:

1. Will it be possible to find a job in a business capacity using my Bachelor of Commerce degree (marketing, accounting, finance, HR, international business, etc.)  if I do not speak Mandarin?

I am fairly open to any opportunities and positions! I would like to take a year to immerse myself in Asian business culture and excel in any business related position in this new environment.

2. Is it reasonable to expect to learn conversational Mandarin in 1 year time while living in Taiwan and taking classes?




Dear all, happy new year to all of you!
I am a 30 year old female from Croatia thinking of moving to Taiwan. I speak Chinese well, I have an MA in Psychology, but I worked on many jobs (English teaching, tourism, written translations from Chinese to English and Croatian, event planning and organization). I am looking for a job in Taiwan, in the trade, tourism or hotel industry, or anything that sounds exciting!

Nineteen Year Old Filipina Hostess at Taipei City VIP Club


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