Need Job

i need job anyone help me !

ujjvalbhatt :

i need job anyone help me !

Before anyone can offer assistance we need a lot more information please.
What sort of work are you looking for
Where do you want to work
What industry do you want to work in
How much experience do you have
Do you have formal qualifications

If you can give us this information then it may be possible for someone to assist you.

I am into Export Import & Operatrion. I work for pharma, Enginerring Traders, Pipeline Projects & Bio Energy Field. I try to connect with verious Indian and Forgien people throguh This site is it worng to Send message any of Indian or forogen pepeople to conncet and ask him/her for job information?

I having total 7+ year expriance and I ready to work in any country where proper envirnment isa there!

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