Planning on moving to BA or Cordoba in 2014

Hi all,

I've only ever visited Argentina once before and that was in 1998, I still have fond memories of the place. Even though most of the people were poor, I found it far less hostile towards a Brit like me than in Australia. As you all may know Australia and NZ are very tight in letting people in, never been to NZ so cant comment on that place but as far as Australia goes, they can keep the place.

Visited BA and Trelew last time, but now considering Cordoba, BA Province or Viedma in Rio Negro. If a tourist lands a job can they apply for permanent residence whilst in Argentina?

What is the medical care like in Cordoba?

have any of you been to La Cumbre meaning the summit, La Cumbre still has a sizeable Anglo Argentine community with quaint mock tudor type homes.

Hello, iam an argentine and i can tell you there is not hostility against brits atan you mena for the island war?
Well, here they welcome people from over the world, turists are great souece of busiiness. You will be comfortAble in here