DNI, yea or nay

Having lived in the US for over 60 years I am very very tired of being reduced to being a number.

There seems to be considerable differences regarding the DNI.  On one hand it seems important to have one and yet it seems to take from months to years to get one.  After that long why bother? 

I hear it makes it easier to buy and much easier to sell.

It seems if you can show a DNI you can get non-tourist prices on some things.

Beyond needing one to open a bank account and ge utilities (if that is even the case (other channels often exist)) what can I NOT do without a DNI?

I want to being a car and no it is not a production, easily replaced car, maybe buy another one there and I want to buy a house and land but will have no income derived from within Argentina.


ok, you have too much question. in first place do you have the residence in argentina? the dni doesnt take years.. it takes two months. all the countries give to you an id number its common. and yes the dni is necessary if you want open and account or buy houses and cars. sorry for my english. good bye and good luck

One thing without having a DNI is you wont be able to drive your car out of Argentina nor  will you be able to rent a telephone line in your name.
David Cummings owner of Estancia La Margarita ( estancialamargarita.com)

It took me over a year to get mine and regardless what the migration office tells you, I've never seen anyone get it anywhere near as quickly as 2 months. Every time I talked to them, they kept extending the time it was "supposed" to take.

Thanks Sam, You went for some time without the DNI.  Please tell me what you can do now that you have it that you could not do withOUT it.  i.e. What did you gain by getting the DNI?


There are a number of reasons to  have a DNI if you intend to stay along time  - one is tax is lower when you sell things ie property  . Almost anything you need to connect i.e. phone , Direct TV , gas electric you can't do in your name .  As for Roberto comments that you can get it in two months forget it - one year is the norm any quicker and you have won  the lottery . By the way Sam  in what way did you get yours - ie under which conditions ie rentista - just curious
David Cummings

So how does one get utilities in the mean time?

Can you rent with them under the landlords name? 

Can you hook them up in the name of a foreign etity such as a trust or foundation?

What happens if one buys a house before getting the DNI, do they disconnect the utilities pending the number?



Tierraman, I'm married to an Argentina. I had my permanent residency after just a few months of being here, but it took a long time after that to get my DNI.

I can't tell you what good the DNI has really done for me other than just convenience. Buying airline tickets for example, I can buy with the cheaper prices of an Argentine resident without having to carry and show permanent residency papers and trying to explain the permanent resident stamp in my passport. If I show my DNI, there are no questions asked.

As far as the bank account goes, I can only share my own experience. I went to 3 different banks. They all said I needed a tax ID. I went to AFIP and got a CDI and the form specifically says I can use it to open a bank account. The banks still said no and that I needed my DNI. When I got my DNI, I went back and they said I needed a CUIT tax ID. After I got that, they said I needed to show proof of Argentine income, which I don't have. All my income is from the U.S. All that to say, five years later I still don't have a bank account in Argentina. The only bank that would open an account for me was Citibank and only a Citigold account if I paid some outrageous monthly fee. I don't remember how much it was, but I think it was between 200 and 300 pesos a month.

Rental agreements, real estate purchases, etc., I've been able to just use my passport. Utilities and stuff have always been in my wife's name.

So for me, the DNI has really served little purpose. I just wanted it in case I needed it for something and to make me feel more like I belong here.

Foreigners that have lived here for 5 years or more can vote with a DNI. Woopee!

One other thing regarding permanent residency. Read the fine print in the tax laws before you decide to get it. Depending on your personal situation, you may regret the residency.

Oh, one other thing Andeanfx...
We've been renting a house for the last 5 years and the landlord WANTED to keep the utilities in his name. We just have to show proof every month that we're paying the bills when we pay our rent.

Good luck.

Thanks Sam, that is pretty much how I was seeing it but with less detail.

I agree on the voting issue and the residency issue and had forgotten about the utilities.  As I recall it is expensive and a hassle to change them or the landlord gets stuck regardless. 

Is there a problem buying such as a car or house without either he DNI or CUIT?

Thanks again.

Thanks Sam just was curios because mine run out and I have found it almost impossible to renew it and  I farm here so  it is better for me to have it - maybe have to find a Argentine to marry!
Andean you can buy a car here with a passport but as I  mentioned in a previous post you cant drive that car out of Argentina without your DNI. I have purchased many properties here in my name and clients names  - 99% of the  time if the  person has no DNI the  bills are keep in previous owners name and for sure when you rent its  the same - or you can  find a friendly Argentinean to put it in to their name - one thing  for sure the  DNI is really handy when you sell and buy property  but yes as Sam says read the  small print!

been living in Argentina more than 5 years. Extortion, fraud and other matters have affected my residency. Yes, I pay more without an DNI only because people see that I am not a local. I have had a CUIT the whole time, only to the benefit of the government and accountant.

You do not need residency for many things. You can apply for a CUIL (not earning) or a CUIT (Earning .. I am guessing at these)

You should find honest accountants and advisors. I lost milliones (DOLLARES) after being guided by frauds---- take care-