Naturalisation and citizenship in Argentina

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Argentina? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Argentina? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Argentine citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.



I have been inquiring about some of the same questions you have. I know that to receive temporary residency you need to be in the country for at least 3 yrs., the other two options are going to school or working. As of present, I have not heard of any language requirements, I spoke zero espanol upon entering this country and Castellano is a very difficult language, but a fun to learn.

As for dual-citizenship, I am sure Argentina offer the option to their citizens that can prove the parent(s) are from another country; however, for foreigners coming in to the country looking for such a status, I haven't heard of yet. If you do find out, please do share.

Hi Bhavna:

Argentine citizenship is one of the easiest to get.  Not much benefits though. No unemployment benefits, outdated infraestructure. etc---First you get a temporary permit and then after a couple of years you get your full citizenship. Unlike most esuropean nations or commonwealth nations whre you have to do things in your country of origin, here you do not have to.   Most people from neighboring countries come to argentina, they say they would like to stay fill in a coupe of forms and no one will hassel you for not having your legal papers. Are you thinking of coming over to Argentina? Are you here already?


After application, I was issued a temporary resident permit. This had to be renewed at the end of each year of the temp. resident permit. Do not be late, even one day, or you start all over. At the end of 4 years I was issued a permanent resident permit. I was late on the renewing one year and had to start the 4 year wait to get permanent all over again. After getting the permanent resident I was no longer dealing with immigration and started working with the court to get citizenship. This took several years because I did not do it in the best way.
I thought at the time that I had to get permanent resident before applying for citizenship. Now I am not so sure about that. I probably did this all wrong and that is why it took so long.
Most of the procedures are all arbitrary, depending on which bureaurat you are dealing with.

The following are, or were, facts--------Dual citizenship is allowed. Or it was in my case with US passport.                                                                   Argentina passport is a very good one. Good for visa free travel to many countries. Spanish test is required for citizenship. Was not hard and I don't know much. Maybe because I finally gave up
and hired a lawyer.   

The requirements may change over time but there are web sites with some of the info.. Try Argentina
embassy or consul web site. Some one ask about social benefits, probably not available anywhere outside of US and Europe.
I hope this help and no one has to go thru the ordeal that I did.

A few more things I might add. There is no language requirement for resident permit, only for citizenship.  Like everywhere there there are all types of people, some bad and some good. But overall the Argentine people are very  nice. They are mostly european. I think they did like the Americans and
murdered most of the natives.
Buenos Aires is probably the most cosmopolitan city in south america.
Inflation rate is 30-40% per year. Prices high even tho the exchange rate is 15 to 16  pesos for dollars.
Poverty rate is about 35% over the entire country.

Current info as of Feb. 2018. Its easier if you do what I did. I paid an immigration lawyer. Took about 3 months to get temporary residency. Total fees for lawyer and govt paperwork were about $3,000USD. It costs about $550USD for lawyer to arrange renewal of your temporary residency at the end of one year (2018), but you must be in the country at least 183 days to qualify for renewal. You can file for renewal up to 60 days in advance if you have met the 183 day stay requirement.

Argentina is a nice place to spend the US winter season, October thru March, since its summer there and doesn't get excessively hot or humid. After 2 full years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship, which takes as long as another year and costs a few thousand US$.

You need to prove an income from a business (LLC, corporation) you own outside of Argentina of at least about US$2,000 per month, and get a verification letter from your CPA in your country to prove it. Or if you are retired, you can prove a monthly income from govt or private pension, which can be much lower, possibly even below US$1,000 per month, but check with your lawyer for the latest requirements.

Hi, I was going through the trail. I have one question here.
I am almost completing my stay in Argentina. I am a salaried employee here.
I have DNI as temporary resident. I want to get Permanent Residency(not citizenship). What is the criteria? Can I apply once my stay complete here 2 years?
Thanks in Advance!!

Apply now.  You have nothing to lose. One note -- For permanent resident you apply with immigrations.
For citizenship you apply with the court. It is on Libertad. Don't remember the exact address but it is
across for a park, I think about one block from Cordoba.

Just read one  of the above post. What that person paid a lawyer is absolute ridiculous. What a rip off.
That was a USA price. Prices for lawyers in Argentina are much much less. You can also do it yourself.
Ask a lot of questions of anyone you can find about how to do it.
If I can help let me know.

How much cost to hire an argantinian lawyer to do all paper work ?

Not sure of cost of lawyer now. It was about $300. Maybe $500. now. Don't really know. Best to shop around and compare prices.

I was passing through this informative feed and wanted to ask a question,

I am arriving next month to Argentina to pursue my masters degree and will take around 2 to 3 years to get my masters, I was wondering is it possible to get argentine citizenship after completing my period of studies. In addition, as far as I understand I don't need to apply for Argentina residency in order to get the citizenship right? and if that is true I will only do my application at the court?

Your reply is deeply appreciated...

citizenship without residency? i think only few carribean countries gives it and that too after huge investment

why dont you try bahrain,saudi,dubai etc instead

HI Jason. 

Have been trying to get residence without success they change the goal posts all the time.  Which lawyer did you use? And which province did you apply from?   


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