Argentina Citizenship

Hi,i am Ali from Pakistan but i am living here in Brazil ,i need some information abou Argentina's citizenship.
As i read after living 2 continuous years in Argentina any foreigner eligible to apply it true?moreover please let me know about permanent residency procedure,it takes how many months?how any foreigner can be legalized in Argentina?

You must have proof of income as well as proof of residency etc and police check and birth certificate, with apostilles, translation, and legalization of translation, etc. You are allowed to apply for citizenship after 2 years of residency, but it doesn't guarantee the application is accepted. If you have been in Brazil for a few years, you would also need police checks from Brazil, with apostilles, translation, and legalization of translation, etc. If you have residency in Brazil, it is easier to do things in Argentina I think. But why not just get citizenship in Brazil? Then you can freely travel to Argentina with your Brazil ID card due to Mercosur.

Dear Friend,

A lot of thanks for replying me,as you said (you are allowed to apply for citizenship after 2 years of residency),
what do you mean?you want to say this 2 years residency time will be count after getting Permanent residency or just need to enter legally in Argentina and you have to prove just 2 years residence from the first day of enterance to apply Naturalization?
Then you said that(but it doesn't guarantee the application is accepted).Which types of issues can create risks to reject acceptance of citizenship while you live 2 years legally in Argentina?
Please reply me as soon as possible.

"Residency" means legal residency (probably). After you apply for temporary residency, they probably will look at that date. I do not think the time includes brief absence from the country. So if you leave the country for a week vacation, this does not affect the time. However if you have a long absence, you should have a good reason. However through the entire process (including temporary residence application) you must have proof of income. Do you have residency in Brazil? Because if you are a permanent resident in Brazil, this may affect how you apply for residency in Argentina. I think you can be naturalized in Brazil also? If you are already a resident of Brazil, isn't it easier for you to naturalize in Brazil? Brazil and Argentina are Mercosur, so this would make things easier in Argentina I think.

Hi,thanks a lot for replying me,as you asked to me that i have residency of Brazil or not?yes i have Permanent Residency of razil.Now please let me guide how it is easier for me to get residency of Argentine while i have P.R of Brazil.
On the other hand you asked to get about Brazil nationality,its very hard to get Brazilian citizenship now a days,because Brazil Government has implemented celpe bras(Portuguese language certificate through Ministery of Education)which is so hard to pass.
Anyways please reply me as you can,Advanced thanks.......

If you have Brazil permanent residency, I think it should help. You can ask at the Argentine embassy in Brazil if your Brazil ID card allows you to enter Argentina, and ask how long you can stay. In Argentina you can apply for citizenship after only two years of residency. For example, you could study at a university which in many cases is free, and of course you would have to take classes for those two years, but then you could apply for citizenship. There is a Spanish language test, I have heard it is very informal a clerk in the judge's office asks you a few questions. If you are married and your wife gives birth to a child in Argentina, this would also qualify you to apply for citizenship immediately with no wait at all.

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