Registering a birth in Brazil

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Thank you for asking.  to be honest, I dont know what hospital I was born and my adopted parents have not told me anything,  This is why I want o track my birth certificate,  Its very difficult.  do you have any ideas?

And your adoptive parents don't know which hospital you were born at? If you can find out that then you can contact the respective cartório where you will find your BC. If you were born at home and in a rural area then it is very likely that no BC exists. Do you at least know what city you were born in?

Hi thank you ever so much for contacting me.  My adopted parents will not tell me very much and they say they don't know what hospital i was born at.  My adopted parents are of a different nationality and the only thing they have told me is that I have a younger brother who stayed with my biological mother.  My adopted family tell me I should just forget about this but I can;t.  Having looked at passport, it does say that I was born in Itaquera, Etat de sao paulo.  Do you know any hospitals in this area?   this might help?  I was adopted from the age of 6 years but did not see my family form the age of 2 years.  My mother was only 17 years old when she had me.  Sometimes people don't understand how difficult it is when you don't know your family.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  I am studying in the UK at the present time and staying with a host family.  The mother of the family was also adopted and she understand my situation.  the family is trying to support me in finding my family. 

Is there any advise that you could recommend to me?  Look foward to hearing from you.


How is your citizenship going Brickhouse

I've started gathering my documents to apply asap

Pls post as much info you have in a proper form. That will help bring up ideas to help you. You might get in touch with the hospital in that city and ask for the records section?> I assume you do not know the name of your mother ?
It might be difficult but I think it is not impossible. Nothing is. I am sorry to hear that you feel the need to find your roots and yet we cannot help you with much. Unless you help by posting properly ...on a new topic post . More people will be able to see it.

Try Oficial de Registro Civil das Pessoas Naturais, Rua Américo Salvador Novelli, 389 - Itaquera SP 08210-090, +55 11 2944-9688. But you need the names of your parents to pull the right data. Otherwise, to apply for a passport your parents must have had submitted your BC to the PF, hence, they should have a copy on file.

I need some info, so as to get docs ready fast  I just delivered a baby girl n need to register at catorio in fathers name,  tho he's absent,  pls advice,  regards to the declaration of paternity,  is it OK he gets it from the court in Nigeria or needs to b at the Brazil embassy in Nigeria? Also,  can I use same declaration cert to apply 4 babies passport? Thanks.

Iam 28 weeks pregnant and planning to have my baby in Brazil but was scared since i don know the country. What u have written really helped me out to make up my mind since i am so scared about spending too much time trying to have my baby passport. Where did u have the home biryj? And can i have the nurse contact details?

I had my girl at a public hospital in guainaisez,  sao Paulo n its free. Are u already in Brazil? Are you alone or with husband? The basic n most important step wen in Brazil,  is getting the baby registered,  every other thing becomes a piece of cake. tho I'm out of Brazil but Feel free to ask ? Regards to birthing .tchau

We had tried for our home Birth in Florianopolis but as I stated that due to last minute unexpected situations we rushed to the government hospital. 

They all were great and really helped out.

Vi dear. O I want name my dather in brazil  but Sher is already name other father.. what I need to do but her mother  already give her name her boyfriend.  And need to my name to my daughter  and my daughter now 9 months

I would suggest going to the Cartório and ask them if it is possible and what is required to do so.


After discharge form the hospital ,Hospital give you a Birth Certificate,by this certificate  go to Catorio they will make for you free Birth Certificate .

Hi David,

I am new to Brazil currently live in UK but my partner soon to be wife has given birth to our first baby. I had a call 5pm saying  baby needed to be delivered  urgently 3 weeks early. I literally bought ticket, in cab, i  airport on plane 2.5 hrs after call. In the rush I forget to bring my own birth certificate (I am a btitish national ) to use to register the birth. My brasilian wife will reguster the birth within 15 days. Can I ve added to the birth certificate after the 15 day limit. The cicumstances were purely due the emergency delivery and me rushing out the door. I am a bit worried as do not know the process and advice would be hugely appreciated please.

Congrats! The father's birth certificate is not required. Usually, the marriage certificate is, or a family certificate. You must provide the Cartório with the full names of all of the grandparents, both paternal and maternal. Best is to ask your consulate for a cedula or inscrição consular stating the full names of the parents. Ask your specific Cartório (Cartório de Registro Civil e Pessoas Naturais in the city where the parents reside (or in their neighborhood if there are several in the city), or in the city where the child is born) as their rules may differ between location.

Boa Tarde Sir,

I have British Nationality and live in England and my Brasililan partner has given birth to our baby here in Brasil. What british documents are needed to produce to register the birth of the baby please. I have my certified copy of my birth certificate it is in english. And my Europoean Passport.

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Your British passport, a cedula or inscrição consular from the British embassy in Brazil, Brazilian ID of your wife, and the DNV for the baby which the hospital has issued at birth

Thanking you again for your help and advice it is most appreciated.

Thank You


Hi James,

I went to the Cartório Pierete in  Aracaju this afternoon. To register the birth of my baby I am am British citizen who only here for 1 month my fiancee she is a Brasileiro lives here in Aracaju. I live in London and going back shortly

I took my European Passport and my british birth certificate (long certified copy) and my wifes ID the DMV from the hospital.

The Cartorio advised the following advising me I need to go to the British Consular in Recife to have have my birth certificate translated into Portuguese a certified sworn translation.  I called the consular in recife the gent advised he coulx not help but to call the consular in Sao Paola. They were closed.

I just need some clarity on process before trying to book flight to Sao Paulo. What docs are needed and what needz translating who is allowed to go it please?


Mr Parel

Normally, your BC is not required to register the birth. The cédula consular which can be issued in Portuguese shows your birth date. But each cartório has their own rules. No need to go to SP. Any sworn translator can do this translation. Your consulate should be able to give you a list of the translators in their area. Are you married to the mother of the child, if yes where is the marriage registered?

Good Evening,

Thank you.

We are not yet married our wedding is to take place in either July or August 2018.

At present we are just engaged.


Germainbrickhouse is correct any certified translator can do it. if you still have problems try another cartorio.


Thank You Kindly both, most appreciated. Apologies for the delay. I was awaiting a Apostiled copy of my Birth certificate which finally arrived today.


Afternoon All,

Apologies I forgot to ask if my uk Passport will it also require a translation to Portuguese.I have assumed not to register the birth but thought better to ask?

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Not required.

Phew! Thats excellent and thankyou also.


Hi to all,

I an new to this website and need some updated information - everything I have found so far seems to be very outdated.
I am single and planning to have a baby in Fortaleza in June. There is no father in the picture. I want to know what documents I need to have with me in order to register by baby and then apply for permanent residency. I was told I need to have my own birth certificate and passport. My birth certificate is issued in Greek. Should I have this translated officially by the Greek Ministry of foreign affairs or a would a certified translation suffice? Is there anything else I need to know / document I need to bring along?

Thank you, all help is much appreciated!

We registered our son's birth. Here is what was required:

1. Since my RNE card has not arrived yet, a declaration from Policia Federal stating my status as regular (legal)
- Original and a copy.
2. My Passport - 1 copy.
3. My Brazilian wife's ID i.e. RG - 1 copy.
4. Declaration of birth from Hospital - Original and 2 copies.
5. Marriage certificate - 1 copy.

First, we had to go to Policia Federal to obtain the declaration. Next day, we went to the Cartorio which processes birth registration of foreigners (We are in Fortaleza and not all the cartorios do that. You have to ask to find out which one to register at).

The declaration from Policia Federal included all the required details i.e. my full name, my date of birth, my parents names', my passport details, my arrival details which I think was really helpful.

They did not ask for anything else. Not my birth certificate or that of my wife.

They also generated his CPF so that was definitely a plus.

It was very easy and there were no hiccups.

Thank you so much for your response.
In my case there is no marriage to a Brasilian, I will be registering the baby only under my name.
I hope the process is similar and as straightforward as the one you deacribed :)

Good to know not all cartórios register foreigners' babies, great tip. Thanks !!

Our daughter was born in the United States and her father is Brazilian. We are married and want to register her in Brazil and are wondering what specific documents we need to bring ? Additinally, what documents need to be translated?

good evening,
i need urgent help please
i'm currently 9 months pregnant and i'm in sao paulo. my husband had a visa to brazil but as he wanted to attest our marriage certificate by the Brazilian embassy in my home country they refused and cancelled his visa.
i'm trying to attest the marriage certificate here to register my baby under my husband's name
the problem is can i issue a passport for my child without the power of attorney from my husband? (as Brazilian embassy is giving us hard time in my home country and they are refusing to attest any papers)
and also if i want to go to my home country where my husband is, do i need travel authorization from my husband? and can the Brazilian embassy in my home country refuse to make my husband sign the travel authorization paper?

@David hello, I would like to ask a question about registering a baby when I'm (the mom) am not Brazilian but here on visa, but the father is Brazilian, but we're not married in Brazil. What paperwork would I need to register the baby under my name? Thank you

@lawyer_rio hello, what about a non Brazilian mom who wants to register her child under her name because she and the father(Brazilian) are not married.


I second the don't leave, your too informed post.

i represent the Rural Village Expats. My wife's mother had at least a half dozen children before any hospital or Cartório was involved. Some of us do not live in the big city. In the case of registering at the Cartório, we have to register our Brazilian Wedding Certificate via our American Wedding Certificate at the big city Cartório because the small village cartório does not know how to do it.

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I second the comment about staying around as a knowledgable member of the forum.

I represent the rural expats. My Brazilian wife and almost half a dozen brothers and sisters were several years old before a hospital or cartório were involved. We live in a very distant part of northern Brazil in a village of only 2,500+

Not every cartório is the same. We need to get the Brazilian Wedding Certificate via the American Wedding Certificate, but since I am the only Americano for miles around our cartório has heard of the process. but does not know how to do it so we have to go to the nearest Big City Cartório.

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With the information you have I would actually try to track down your brother first. It seems you would have more luck that way. My wife and her brothers / sisters were NOT born in a hospital.  It seems odd that your current parents are not much help. If you have more information on him use that.

01/10/22 @David hello, I would like to ask a question about registering a baby when I'm (the mom) am not Brazilian but here on visa, but the father is Brazilian, but we're not married in Brazil. What paperwork would I need to register the baby under my name? Thank you

Hi, De2027.  This is a very old thread, so you probably won't get responses from the people who posted years ago.  James passed away in 2016, but the information that he provided in Post #2 in this thread is still basically correct:  you'll receive a DNV, a Certificate of Live Birth, from the hospital, and you'll take it and your identification to the cartório, the notary office, to request your child's birth certificate. 

Have you decided where you'll give birth?  One thing that has changed somewhat since James's time is that many maternity hospitals now have cartórios onsite, so the birth certificate can be obtained while you're still there.  This is a good thing to find out as you're making your preparations; if there isn't an onsite cartório, you should find one in the area where you're living.  Whether you use an onsite cartório or a neighborhood one, it would be a good idea to talk to them beforehand and confirm exactly what information they'll require, since every cartório is a little different.

Will the father be participating in registering the child?  If so, that may make things somewhat easier, because the Brazilian government is pushing nowadays to identify the fathers of all children, regardless of the marital status of the parents.  So you will probably be asked, but if you don't feel that this is information you can provide, they should still provide a birth certificate.

Best of luck to you.

01/10/23 James,
I second the comment about staying around as a knowledgable member of the forum.

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-@Roddie Simmons

Hi, Roddie,

As I wrote in a response above, James died in 2016.  It's great that you're reading the old threads -- I wish that more expats did, and I thank you!  You're welcome to respond to any post that catches your attention, just be aware that most people who post here tend to disappear after they get their specific question answered.  The turnover is high.  So, if a post is more than one or two years old and the person hasn't posted since, it's unlikely that the person will see what you write -- which doesn't mean that it may not be helpful to others.

Sorry, double post


my husband and I are both American citizens.  We do have residency in Peru by having a child there. We had a baby in Belo Horizonte on December 18. In the past few weeks we have been trying to register our child and seek to go forward in seeking residency here. It's been quite confounding and no one has known what to do since we are Americans. We did manage to get our CPFs.

We have gone to the notary and policia and both turned us away saying they could do nothing to help us. Also the hospital only put my name down and not my husbands since our American marriage isn't recognized in Brazil.

can anyone help us? any information on getting all legal documents needed for the Brazilian and American citizenship of our son would be great! Also any info on seeking residency in Brazil.