Every child born in Brazil is considered of Brazilian origin

In general terms, every child born in Brazil is considered of Brazilian origin, even its parents are foreigners. However, when the parents are at the service of their foreign country, the Jus Soli rule does not apply.

How to proceed when a child of foreign parents is born in Brazil?

In bureaucratic terms, there is no different rule for children born in Brazil to Brazilian parents or foreign parents. In both cases, the parents must present their identification document, with photo. Married parents must show their marriage certificate.

Every child born in Brazil has a right to claim Brazilian nationality.  Based on that the parents of the child have the right to apply for permanent residency.

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But The process of applying for a Brazilian citizenship is run by the Ministry of Justice (Ministério da Justiça). Before approving the application, the Ministry officials will first check a whole series of documents which you have to submit with your application, most relevant being the criminal record, the employment situation and the financial situation. Furthermore the applicant must not have any income tax debits and has to prove that he is in good mental and physical health (this only refers to applicants who apply for a citizenship after less than two years of permanent residence).

Not only do children born in Brazil have birthright citizenship, as children of Brazilians born in other countries are, by law, Brazilians as if born in Brazil.

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If the Country  has no dual citizenship with brazil ,then how people may get doulzitizenship on base on child and marriage ?

All my 4 children have dual citizenship and none were born in Brazil

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This is a situation handled in case to case basis.

For example Pakistan does not have a duel citizenship agreement with Brazil.  So the Expat has 2 options

1.  He/She can choose to either renounce his Pakistani or Brazilian Citizenship.

2.  He/She doesn’t inform there respective embassy that they have received the Brazilian Citizenship.  The only issue with this will be that when it’s time to renew there Pakistani passport they will have to either process it back in Pakistan or try there luck online.

Basically as far as Brazil is concerned Brazil doesn’t have issues with Pakistanis holding both Brazilian and a Pakistani Citizenship.

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Thanx altot for Detail.that the good  point that brazil doesno't have issue with a holding a Pakistani Passport.

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