Moving to Sao Carlo

Appreciating any help here,  got some offer for relocation to Sao Carlo and have concern regarding schools/nursery for ages 2, 4.5
Can someone throw some light regarding the options for English speaking kids...? In Sao Carlo or nearby area?

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Regarding your question, are you talking about São Carlos - São Paulo (state) or São Carlos - Santa Catarina (state), there are several different cities in this country with the same name.

In most states the public school entry age is 6 years old, some states offer day care (creche) below that age, but it is NOT obligatory for the state to provide the service. Generally speaking they provide spaces only for children of working mothers.

Children above the age of 5 or 6 (depending on the state) are provided with spaces in the public school system. The law in Brazil obligates parents to place their children in either the public school system or in a private school, whichever they choose. Homeschooling IS NOT legal in Brazil at this time, however it certainly can be done IN ADDITION to their regular schooling. In almost ALL of the schools here in Brazil classes are given in Portuguese, not in English. English is taught in the upper grades in most schools in the public school system, and even earlier in SOME private schools.

Once we have more information about the city you're talking about then I'm sure you will get more information.

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Thanks a lot for quick reply. It would be Sao Carlo in Sao Palo state...
Would there be any private schools in the area (if not, then how far?) That will teach in English as prime language? Our kids are 4.5, 2.
Thank you so much.

São Carlos - SP is a rather small city in the interior of the State of São Paulo. It only has a population of about 239,000 inhabitants.

While there are a number of private schools in the city, I have absolutely no idea if any of them offer classes exclusively in English, I would rather doubt it. They may offer English as one of the courses, but the rest of the classes would most certainly be given in Portuguese.

If you wish to contact any of the schools there are a number listed by Google: … p;ie=UTF-8

Thanks for the link. Will check.
Do you know or can suggest how to find any preschool or school which will have English as main language (international school)? Even if not exactly in Sao Carlos and within reasonable distance it cab be fine...

Hi, did you end up moving to Sao Carlos?

Yes already here

Hi, Are you able to find English medium school in Sao Carlos? Can you please share the school details.

These posts are very old. (2014 & 2015)
Per your other post, you mentioned moving to Brasil. Do you have the proper visa(s)? You must be a citizen or have a CRNM (Permanent residence visa to live in Brasil.
As of today, Brasil is not allowing anyone that has been in India within 14 days of their departure into Brazil.
More information from you may help with responses.

Too your idea of finding a bi-lingual school in the hinterland.   

Sao Carlos is a known College town, small town, but you will not get the benefit to enroll your toddlers on a bi-lingual program.  Private or Public, you will need to make do with Portuguese. 

To date, the only place in the State of Sao Paulo that offers bi-lingual programs, are private schools in Sao Paulo's Santo Amaro, about Alto da Boa Vista.   I am sure it might be something on Rio as well. 

You will be lucky to score one in Campinas.