Study in Brazil

Study in Brazil
Updated 2018-01-10 14:08

Pursuing a course of study in Brazil can be a great addition to your CV — it can be fun, interesting, and exciting too. The largest country in Latin America, Brazil is growing in importance in the world, and completing your studies here, or being part of an exchange study program can benefit you professionally. Brazil has many good universities offering a variety of courses, many of which are open to international students. However, while some courses may be taught in English, you will need to have reliable Portuguese to be accepted into a study program in Brazil.

Good to know: You will have to pass the "Celpe ' Bras" which is a national examination to certify your proficiency level of the Portuguese language. The certificate is accepted not only by universities but also by companies if you intend to seek an internship or a job in Brazil at the end of your studies.

The formalities of studying in Brazil

To study in Brazil, you will need to apply for what is termed a type IV temporary visa. These visas may be granted for study at any level, from primary to post-graduate level, or as part of a supervised internship program. Language, technical, and theological studies also may qualify. Applicants must attend a minimum of three hours of lessons per day, five days per week. Students are not allowed to work unless they are taking part in a defined and supervised internship program.

Visas are valid for one year. They may be extended by visiting an office of the Federal Police at least one month before the expiration of the original visa. Note that the visa is only valid so long as the holder continues to participate in the specified study program ' discontinuing your studies invalidates the visa.

Obtaining a student visa

The following must be presented to obtain the type IV visa:

  • Passport, which doesn't expire for at least the following six months and has at least two blank pages

  • Proof of ability to support oneself financially during the time in Brazil

  • Online visa application form

  • Return ticket/itinerary

  • Letter of consent and additional documents for under 18 applicants

  • Letter from the educational institution in Brazil describing the details of the study program

  • Criminal record for applicants of 16 and above

More documents may be required, depending on the particular type of study program or internship. For details and the latest information, please contact the Brazilian Consulate which serves your geographic area.

Important: Some documents may need to be translated into Portuguese and certified.

Allow plenty of time for the application process, first for acceptance by your intended institute of study, and then for visa processing by the Brazilian authorities. The student visa can take between one and three months to receive.

Important: Once in Brazil, you are required to register with the Federal Police within 30 days following your arrival.

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