cost of education in Brazil

To the expats who have children in Brazil..

My Brazilian girlfriend says that her middle school education costed about $400/month throughout her childhood. She said that for a private school, these are considered cheap rates.

While we were traveling in Croatia, I met some Brazilian families and I have heard about rates of private schools going over $1000 (USD) per month.

What is your experience here? Quality middle school in most countries in Western Europe is almost free.

Right now my two children are in primary school (K-5 grade) and it’s R$1868 a month for both...including the vacation months. Plus about R1,000 per child in books and required supplies (pens, paper, notebooks, etc.).

Next year my oldest goes to 6 grade and I registered him last week. It will be R$1,187 a month for him.

So a cost increase. These rates are after a 7.5% discount we get for being a member at a Clube here. So could be more!

It’s not cheap!

Education at public universities is tuition-free, but supply is extremely limited in comparison with demand.  Admission is by entrance exam, and the exams are very, very competitive.  There are score adders for students from public high schools, the interior, and historically disadvantaged ethnic groups, but everyone still has to do well on the exams to qualify.  My husband is a law student at the state university here, and his case is probably not atypical:  there were 52 applicants for every seat in his class.
The Pontifical Catholic universities have good reputations, and are expensive, although they offer scholarships that cover tuition, but not usually living costs.  The children of the wealthy who can't get into the public universities seem to end up there.

My children are currently studying in a private school and we pay a little less than $ 1,000 per month. But the rest pay more, we pay less because we have 3 children and they all go to the same school. And the eldest also takes an active part in the life of the school. I believe that in a private school they pay more attention to the quality of education of children than at free ones.

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