Some questions about schools in Florianopolis

Hello everyone!
My questions will be about schools for kids in Florianopolis.
What do you know about public schools and private schools?

The price , the quality of their education?

What is the obligatory age to register our kids in the primary/elementary school?

What about the language? did your children acquire the Portoguese language rapidly without confusion? (Especially for Arabs and other nations who don't speak English as a mother tongue.)
Do you need to revise everyday with your children each and every lesson they take? In this case, what do you do if you don't speak portoguese?

Please everyone who has any information no matter what it is , I hope you share them here with us .
Thank you all in advance.

Any one can help?


I'll write a little about this later.

Although I do not live in Florianópolis, I can answer this question.

There are good public and private schools. But there are bad public and private schools. Generally the best are in the central regions while the worst are in the farthest neighborhoods of the centers.

I would evaluate the performance of the students of a certain school in the ENEM (National Examination of the Country -  Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio), but since their need seems to be in elementary school, I do not believe there is so much difference between a public or private school.

Reviewing school lessons largely depends on the age and type of school you attend. Without age I can not answer that.

As it seems that your children do not speak Portuguese, it might be more interesting to enroll them in a private school because the chance of having English speakers to help them is greater. In this case it is better to search.

In elementary schools that offer basic Portuguese classes and private teachers can help. Children have an easy time to learn languages.

Any further questions I can try to answer.

Hello Wellington,
Thank you so much for your helpful answer.
Do you have any idea about the prices of private schools?


Must be between R$ 150 to R$ 500 (reais) considering a school for children from 7 years old or more.

For young children who are not old enough for schools, there are free (public) and private kindergartens with much lower prices.

We had a good experience with Escola Dinamica in Floripa a couple years ago. Private bilingual schools are expensive, expect to pay about R$1100 per month or more. You also have to pay for the books and after school activities (if your kids choose to do them).
And yes, it is very difficult if your kids do not speak Portuguese (such as ours). Especially hard as they get into older elementary with real homework. Using google translate helps (although we do not let the kids use it; they need to use a dictionary). At the same time, I can speak and read Portuguese well enough, so their homework was not hard for me to understand.

Has anyone had any experience with schools in Ingleses in Florianopolis? We are moving soon and considering Santa Terezinha and Escola Dinamica, although the 2nd one is rather expensive. I have 2 kids in elementary school (6y.o.and 9y.o). They both speak Portuguese but  cannot read and write. Thank you!

I´m sending 2 Brazilian kids (age 5 and 8) to a very expensive private school in Rio Grande do Sul. It´s considered to be one of the best in the state.

I had a teacher friend evaluate their progress - also comparing the progress of other kids at their level from a public school where he teaches. Guess what, the kids I´m sending to school is behind compared to the kids of the public school...

Go figure...

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