Wanted in regard to parental kidnapping


Hellen Azevedo Lima (center) is wanted in connection with the parental kidnapping of 2-year-old Daniela Azevedo Lima Rueb Ferreira (side photos) from Rio de Janeiro.

Hellen picked up her daughter for visitation on Saturday, January 3 and was supposed to return the child at 5 pm on the same day. She does not have court permission for overnight visits. Witnesses state that the two were seen at the bus depot in Casemiro de Abreu boarding a bus headed to Rio das Ostras - RJ.

If anyone in the area of Rio das Ostras - RJ or the surrounding area sees this woman or child, please call the Policia Militar do Estado de Rio de Janeiro immediately. They can be reached by dialing  190.

Please help return this child to her father!

Hi, William! And HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Just curious...any information on why the mother did not get custody of the child instead of her father...?

Not in the news reports, but it is highly unusual and more so that she is not allowed overnight visits. Says there is something wrong with the relationship with the child. The abduction only makes it that much worse.

Too close to home, it's just down the road. She could even be here in Macaé, so I posted it on my FB to the Expats in Macaé group too.

That's why I was curious to know because I know that here in the states the mother is always considered more dominantly than the father although I also have seen signs that that is changing, which I'm all for, IF and WHEN there is justified cause for the mother to not be considered a fit parent. I'm only stating it that way because as you know money talks (I know it's that way in Brazil and, believe me, it can also be true here in the U.S.!) so when I hear about these parental abductions (also here in the states) I try not to jump to conclusions that the abductor is automatically the bad "guy." I remember one case years and years ago where a man was sexually abusing his daughter but FULL CUSTODY was granted to the father because of all his high-paid lawyers and status. So the mother eventually kidnapped the little girl and handed her off to her grandparents who left the country with the child and then calmly turned herself in and let herself be taken into custody and put in jail, something she later stated was no punishment at all because she knew her child was safe and with ones who truly loved her and cared for her. As far as I know, the woman is STILL in jail (this case was in the 70s or 80s, if I recall correctly), and, not long ago, it came to light that the country the grandparents had fled to with the little girl was New Zealand. I hailed the mother for her selflessness in that case, and, while I'm not saying the same is the case with THIS case, I'm always reminded of of that case when I hear of a mother kidnapping her own child--although, believe me, I've heard many other and even more recent cases where the mother actually did NOT deserve to have custody of the child, just as the courts had deemed.

Do you happen to know, William, what the father's financial and/or social situation/status is? And do you happen to recall which famous parental kidnapping case I'm referring to...?

He's a soldier in the Brazilian Army, so he's far from being wealthy if that's what you're wondering. I'm sure that in this case it's not money talking, but rather something very wrong with mommy.

That's, of course, very possible, but, again, maybe not. Something like being a member of the Armed Forces could be a factor when it comes time for weighing and tipping the scales of "justice," just like being a member of the Police Force is VERY much a factor here in this country. Again, I'm very much aware that this case may be very different and that the mother in this particular case IS the bad "guy," but it's just food for thought...

And you never answered if you know which case I was referring to earlier, the one where the grandparents ended up taking the little girl to New Zealand. Are you familiar with that case, William...?

No, I'm not familiar with that case, we don't get a lot of US news here.

Just so you know, this woman was captured in Rio das Ostras by police just shortly after I posted the topic....... looks like FB really works!!! The child is now safely back with her father.

Just so you know, that case I referred to was over 25 years ago, so you were probably still living in Canada at the time. That's why I asked if you happened to be familiar with that case, although I'm also aware that even Canada does not get much US news, just as we don't get much Canadian or other news here, unfortunately, even though there IS a whole big world out there. But, being that you are one of the few who do know there IS a whole big world out there beyond our personal experiences and lives, I thought I'd ask if you yourself had heard of that case years ago, thinking maybe you don't just rely on televised news to get your international info...

Other than that, if being with her father is in actuality in the best interests of the child, then I'm very, VERY happy for her and the father. Thanks for the update.