Public Kindergarden in Sao Paulo

I want to register my 2-year-old child in a kindergarten in Sao Paulo. Until now, we spoke English at home. I want to use this opportunity for my child to learn Portuguese. Do you think public kindergartens in São Paulo have the necessary security and quality? What kind of kindergarten do you know near Avenida Paulista?

My wife and I have no kids by choice (we have cash instead......heh) however we do have a nephew in Barra de Tijuca, who our sister in law has sent to a very famous, multilingual, high end private school here in Rio de Janeiro since grade 1........R$4,700 a month plus extra fees as necessary. Like class trips, etc. Doesn't matter the grade he was in either, the fees are the same more or less.

It's a benchmark for considering costs............I'd never pay it.

I have no issue with the quality of the education of the public schools there, but, remember that I am speaking as a childless adult that is, and basing my view on other parents remarks only. I mean the country is some 240 million IIRC, so, not every one can go the the best place, but, unlike Canada and in a big way, I find the average Brasilian to be smarter and more conversational, than the average Canadian product.

My nephew OTOH reads, writes, and speaks 3 languages fluently at 14, and is a wizz with math and science. Don't expect a similar product for free I guess is the situation. Same scenario as schools here in Canada too.

02/21/24 @alikhorshid.  Good morning.  This site will allow you to determine whether your child is old enough to enroll in a municipal creche -- the City of São Paulo has more than 2,400 of them, called "Centros de Educação Infantil" -- and to identify the ones near you:

Most have waiting lists, so when you try to enroll, the system will list your child for the six closest to your  home.  You will be able to visit and evaluate the security situation for yourselves.  If you are focused on one creche in particular and your child is accepted for another because a vacancy opened there first, the system will allow you to reject that placement and put your child only on the waitlist for your chosen location.