Moving to Linz...Need details

Hi All,

My name is Vishal and I am currently in US.
My next assignment is in Linz and I am planning to move sometimes during Dec/Jan. Could you please provide me the below details.

1) Cost of living in Linz(apsrtment, transportation, etc)
2) Schooling/Education for kids. Process for admition and is it tough for Indian to get an admission for kids?
3) Safety wise
4) Diff types of Work permit visas
5) Can we directly apply for Residency/immigration ?
6) Time frame for obtaining visa
7)Any other which you think might be useful.

Many Thanks,

Hi Vishal,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Please feel free to go through some topics in the Linz forum, you might find out some useful information. :)

Don't hesitate to participate on the Linz forum if you have questions, or need help. ;)



Hi, is a useful website about many things in linz especially transportation.
as for visa issues you will have to contact your embassy. is a useful website about studying in Austria and it has a few explanations about visa and work etc.

I have no info about other things.

Good luck.

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