Organize your move to Austria

Hi all,

we invite you to share your experience about moving to Austria.

Here is a list of questions which might help the ones preparing their move to Austria:

What would you bring and what would you leave behind?

Is it a good idea to bring furniture or domestic appliances?

Any foodstuffs that are banned in Austria?

Is it better to bring a car or to buy one once settled in Austria?

Any advice for the ones who are moving to Austria?

Thank you in advance for your participation :)

Can anyone answer some questions for me?
I am Australian and moving to Austria in the coming months. My wife is German. Am I required to have any type of permit to work or live in Austria or the eu?
Can you recommend a job agency to find work. Thanks, Mick

Hi Mick,

I'm in Adelaide, my husband and children are Austrian citizens. We will be moving back again in the next two years.

Yes you do need permission to stay in Austria. I have always been able to apply for it once I am already there, as Australians we can stay without a visa for 3 months I think.

It is probably best to check before you go which type of permit you will need for your situation. 

Here is a link to the Austrian Embassy in Canberra with some info: … rmits.html

Which part of Austria are you heading to? 

We are going back for Christmas, absolutely can't wait.


Thanks for the info Narelle
We are heading to Innsbruck. About 25 mins from the city.
How about you?
I will get in touch with the embassy. Thank you very much for letting me know.
Enjoy your christmas in Austria.

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