Points for relocation to Austria with family.

Hi, thanks for reading this post. I have some queries and request answers from personal experiences rather than “Heard of” and “general thoughts”.
I am an Indian currently living in Singapore and planning to relocate with my family (of three) to Austria with Red-White-Red card. I speak A2 level German.  The application is still under process, however would like some firsthand knowledge on how things are in Austria.

-    Which among the major cities (Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg) is best suited (Cost of living, ease of job hunt) for Software engineers.
-    Weekend activities: besides thronging in malls and cinemas. Please share your opinions on weekend family activities for medium – low budget. Trying to get a feel of local life style.
-    Cost of food, eating out at restaurants (medium – low): Want to know if it is possible for a family of three to have substantial vegetarian meal without blowing off 15 + euros on every meal. Please let me know your personal experiences on spending at Indian and local restaurants.
-    Kids' schooling: please share your experience about getting an admission in a public school and costs incurred. I would also be interested in knowing from Indian parents on their kids' adaptability in public schools.

Thanks in advance.

I only know of Salzburg and Vienna. Vienna on a whole is cheaper to live in but it still is quite high. But then again as its the capital of Austria that can be expected. Vienna does have lots of Indian restaurants so you will be spoilt for choice.
Austria has a good public transport system and cheap compared to other European countries. So you could in fact live in lower Austria and commute to Vienna.

As for work, you would have better bet on finding work in Vienna,

For activities at the weekend, it will not matter where you are in Austria as there are lots of activities to do.

I can not help you with the schooling as I don't have any children. But I hope what I have given you is of some help.


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