Looking for a nursing job in Brunei please !

Hi I am bency, working as a staff nurse in secunderabad, Looking for a nursing in brunei, I also want to take my family, because, I have 6 months old son. Thank you.

Hi bency,

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I have created a new thread as from your post on the Brunei Forum for better visibility and more interaction :)

You should post your resume in the Nurse job offers in Brunei section please as it might help :)

Best of luck and wishes !

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hello.I'm interest working in Brunei.I'm working in Malaysia as a senior staff nurse and incharge of Cardiac Operation Room for 10 yrs.
Farizah Hashim.

Hi Farizah,

May be a longer introduction and more details about how we can help, might be the right start. :)

Thank you,