Cost of Living In riyadh

I am an IT professional working for one of the Leading IT firm. I am an senior manager offered with 2 year contract in Riyadh to support one of our client.

I am offered with 9000 riyals/month with accommodation and Internet connection. I am already drawing Rs. 16 L  in India which i will get as it is ( dual salary. Salary in Riyadh and in India.)

My Concern is Food, Mobile Connection and travel to office I have to take care. I am a family man but i have been offered with Single stay only.

Please let me know what will be the expenditure for a single for Food, mobile connection and Transport.

Transport which one is safe and secure.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi  parunbala,

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I suggest you to go through the Cost of living in Riyadh section, this might be helpful. This might help you get more information about what you are looking for. :)



Its an average offer.

Ditto David.  All of this has been discussed many times--you just need to make the effort to read the threads.

Good luck!

Hi! we have guys placed by cog**g*nt here on dual salary with 5-6 yrs of experience, on paper they get paid 15K and 7K in hand actually....

I guess ur firm is giving u a cheap deal with ur level of experience [assuming 8-9 yrs]... Look into few things are they going to give u an Iqama or business visa....since u r staying alone how many times are they going to allow to fly back and are they going to cover all the airfares....

For expenses u asked... typically people prefer pre-paid cards and calls back home are typically skype etc. Food bill per meal can range from 10-30 riyals for Indian food... transport is abt 10 riyals to max of 20 riyals unless ur acco & office are just too far apart...


If I were you, I will not come. Too many expats have been lured here to find that they do not get payed ON time or even NOT at all!

If you do net get a company car taxi cost will eat into your salary. taxis are expensive and the drivers do not drive carefully. My experience.

Most accommodation offered is sub standard.

Sorry I do not want to sound negative - but i have heard and experienced just too many stories of bribery and corruption here in Riyadh (if not all over the place)



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