Where to post an advert about offering appartment for rent?

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I have to go back to Europe and need to find somebody who will take over our appartment. Of course we can live without anyne but than we wont recive our depisit.

Do you know any websites where i could post my advers?
Where do you look for an appartment?

I tried a craigslist but nobody seems to care.
Im surprised coz its a very nice appartment in good location...

Can you help?


You can post ads in the 'housing' section here.

Prem Charma

yeah... i ve tried it. lets hope it will work


Where's the apt, is it fully furnished, how long is the lease going before it ends?

How much is it?

hey, i can help u, but this is vietnam web, give me your apartment, location, price/month and expire, i will post it for vietname website

Hey guys !!

thank you for offerig your help.
We already find somebody it was a miracle!! :)


no problem, i just help anyone who need my help

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