Scholarship finding- a HOPE.CHANCE.OPPORTUNITY. to me

I wanted to have a High school and college scholarship in korea..I can do anything just me find a scholarship I'll do anything....Its my dream and I'm inspired of korea.I have my own reason why I wanted to study in korea. I am supported by my family, so please help me for a scholarship.I dont know how to find schools who accepts government scholars. My parent are Myra Estores and Froilan Potenciano they are assisting me for this hope. I wanted to settle there but I dont have any friends or person who I know there. I'm coming 3rd year high school these year and I want to grab opportunity of your knowledge of it. I can be a working student in korea ALL- AROUND even house works.thank you. I will wait for someone who can help me.I'm very responsible in my studies I can show you of it, I am  passed in City scholar in a private school Canossa School, but I wanted to enhance my knowledge and study about korea.I want to explore and experience about korea.

My FB email: [email protected]

Hello shella, there are many scholarship opportunities here in Korea. It depends on your major & coutry as Korea has specific quota for those. The best scholarship is KGSP, check this link

Apart from this, there are several university sponsored scholarship. Check out all the information and right me back if you need more info.

thank you very much for your respond!=) you dont know how lucky I was to see someones respond from my wish...can u guide me how to get scholarship easily?, I've already read the infos from the site u gave me and I think I'm qualified for the scholarships qualifications except for one. I'm not good in korean language, I just study a little like "anyong!" like that basics.I dont want to loose time because time days passes by, for my age I dont wanna be to late for a big opportunity I will make for my own life. Dreams are really hard to follow, but I dont easily loose hope.I know I'm too much korny and ambitious for this, but in life there is no such thing a man could do but to follow their, whats the next step my hope?thank you very very much. this conversation is my only hope and important for me.. thank you again!.(I dont know what to say!I want to shout like a jackpot winner!sory..too oey)  =)

by the way: Im incoming 3rd yr this year 2013.. I'm turning 15 this july 12, female, I'm studying in Canossa Sta. Rosa, a private catholic school.I want to thank you but dont know how.can I ask ur full name, gender, age,etc...or somehow facebook name so that I can know u much know, if I already get an opportunity of having scholarship I can work for you P.A. personal assistant...home maid or what so ever just to thank you...

Facebook: [email protected]

Hey Shella, its nice to know that it was helpful. Keep on trying and it seems to me that you are too young to apply for the Bachelors degree right now.
Once you are in the final year of your high school, start applying in different universities in Korea.
That is hilarious to know the ways you would like to thank me ))  write back when you need some guidance. Good luck with your studies!!

oww...I cant wait for it.thank you so Adamamit ur email id?,,i cant search it...I wanted to know ur fb name if its jst ok...i wanted to have friend like u, expatriate in korea whos willing to help me...I'll wait for it=)....thank you sooo much

Are there scholarships for people studying for their Masters in Architecture?  What about fellowships and grants, I really want to move to South Korea!