TV Series on Schools - South Korea


I wondered if anyone can help me?  I am currently working on a children's tv project for a major broadcaster in the UK.  We are looking to take two British kids who are struggling to engage with their studies, to experience life in a foreign school for a week. 

We would like to feature schools where getting a good education is highly regarded, and discipline, academic standards and impeccable manners are viewed as positive by the pupils and teachers alike. 

After a week at the foreign school we hope the British kids will have a new found respect for education and themselves.

If anyone knows an interesting school in South Korea, either in Seoul or further afield I would love to hear from you.  It is a little time-sensitive as I'm trying to contact schools ASAP.  If anyone can help, I would be so grateful.



It's likely the kids will freak out at the level of study done by Korean kids. It'll make them realise how easy and laid back the western system is in comparison. I can't think of any schools offhand but it would be a good experience for them as Korean kids lives revolve around school studies and enormous levels of homework.