Moving to ulsan

My husband is about to take a job in ulsan it will be for 2 years!  We were looking for information about schools and housing for a family of 5.  Our two oldest are attending a private school right now in USA and we want to continue with there great education, so i am having a hard time finding a good school in ulsan.  Also, we were looking for at least a 3 bedroom home fully furnished thats pet friendly and so far i havent found anything and need help.  This is the first time that myself and my kids would ever live outside the USA, so if anyone has any information that would be helpful!


Hi Erin,

I lived in Ulsan for year.
Does your husband company provide the housing? We living in Koreana hotel for year, we did not needed it house. Probably you have to stay in hotel for while until find house.  This hotel located in down town right by the suk.  You can walk right around corner, you have everything you needs for supermarket, bakery, department store. Far as school goes, I don't know much but one of our member had a daughter she went American school around area. It's a private school for foreign children.

Two type for renting the house just like here in US. But little different.
1) you can pay monthly.
2) you can pay chunk of money for yearly contract. But difference is end of contract you will get the money back what you paid. basally you are only loosing the interest on your money. this days interest is nothing. So if have $20 to $30,000 you can have good house for rent. It's call "Geonsa". Real estate agent office called "Boodongsan".

When you get there in Ulsan find foreign school first, than look for area because you will find other parents that same situation as you are. they can give you Idear different arers.

Be polite and Korean see you as down the earth than they will help you with anything.

Happy living in Korea.

Hi there,

I don't know a whole lot about the real estate scene here but have a good contact who is married to a local and has been here 10 years where I could probably get some questions answered for you. I have been in Ulsan 2 years and can help with most other things. Feel free to message me if you need anything.



Also check out or

These are good expat related sites in and around Ulsan and Busan for general information and forums.

Another good site is:

Hi Erin,

I am assuming by now you have already moved to Ulsan.
We are planning to move to ulsan/busan depending on kids school (5 and 7 yrs old).
I would appreciate if you could give me some information about International school in Ulsan.
Is there are a major difference in British and American education system? We just don't want our kids to go through a hard time after coming back to US. 
If Busan's school have significant difference in education as compared to Ulsan then we might live in Busan.

I would be thankful if anybody else as well share their experience.


Hi, Baggi

You may already move to Ulsan or Busan?
Still here are some of my advise to choose between Ulsan and Busan.

For the general size, Busan is much bigger city than Ulsan.

But I can tell you there are much more expats living in Ulsan as there are HHI and loads of other international companies are located. Which means you can find bigger expat group or activites and other facilites for foreigner in Ulsan city.

Plus you can find international service agent to find you easier option to choose. is one of the agency who are professional for relocation service.

My name is Yerim, working as service coordinator at GTS.
Regarding any of issues to live in Korea, you can send me an email as well. :)

Hope this can help!

hello, my family just move to Ulsan half month ago, does anyone can advise me which international kindergarten in Ulsan is good for my 4years old son?