I am a sixty year old single woman looking for house sitting opportunities in the San Miguel de Allende area.  I am considering moving there, but would like to visit for an extended time and see how I like it. 

Thank you.

Hello Mary.

I suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in San Miguel de Allende section. It might help. :)

Thank you,

Thank you so much to your suggestion!  I'll do that!

Mary are you the same Mary from Chicago?? I am from Chicago as well, and also like to cycle/swim. I would love to move somewhere outside of the US where health care and other expenses are more affordable. A temperate climate as well as culture is also very important, and SMA isn't too far from my daughter. Did you find any housesitting jobs? That is really an excellent idea for extra income. I am retired and am close to your age. If you are  the cycle7Mary from Chicago, I have a hundred questions. I'm new to the forum and hoping that I'm doing all the right tech things so that  you get this message. LOL!! Do you know if there is a chat room where we can speak privately? I realize your post is from several years ago but would love to hear what you found and are presently doing. Go Cubs!!!

Hello LadyPenzance,

Mary hasn't been on the website, it's been 6 years already....


Well that’s too bad! I hope she finds what she was looking for! Thanks for the info. It was just so coincidental and funny, I thought I reading something about myself!!

Well that’s too bad! I hope she found what she was looking for. It was just so funny and coincidental, I thought I was reading my own description. I will post in the ads in the SMA section, Thanks!

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