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Hi. Am considering a move to SMA. Not quite ready to retire - but am curious if there are any ex-pats from the marketing/advertising business who live there currently, but still do a good amount of U.S. business offsite from SMA -- and, what are your experiences? Thanks!

Good evening, zeferino15. I have a client, an expat American and a former advertising agency executive, who now lives full time in Playa del Carmen and continues to work from there and earn income in US dollars. He is not a member of this site and I'm not clear on the rules of this site so I'm not sure how I connect the two of you but I'd be happy to do so if it can be done without running afoul of site rules.

Hi. Thank you. I don’t know the rules on that either. But if you could provide any info, that’d be awesome.

Hi "zeferino 15" and "christiannavarette", the best way to communicate information more private is to click on "name id or picture" and then select "send a message"

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

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