Help needed! how to find used phones in switzerland!!

Thanks in advance!
i moved to Switzerland two weeks ago, and yesterday i lost my phone, so i need information about buying/selling used phones..

again thank you all!

There are hardly any shops that sell used cp in switzerland. Also there are non pawn shops. There are a lot of second hand shops but most of them dont sell electronics. Used consumer electronics are sold in the internet, try ebay or (more popular than ebay in CH)

U can buy cheap basic cps at every electronic store (interdiscount, melectronics, fust etc.).

There are also telecommunication stores in every bigger town (swisscom, sunrise, mobilezone etc.)

u can also buy cheap prepay at kiosk at train stations.

a basic cp non sim locked costs CHF 20-50 a basic smart phone starts from 200

[Moderated: Please communicate by PM] or go to interdiscount they have ad well cheap phones.. Good luck

Go to Its a good website for buying/selling used dvds,cds,books,games and now cellphones and other goodies. U wuld have to register.

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It is not difficult to find used cell phone in switzerland. Browse some free classifieds posting sites. You will find great amount of cell phone there. It is not difficult to buy used phone. First of all register nd then browse.

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