Hi every body, I would to meet some more people in here !!!


My name is Kevin, I am french 23 yrs old and doing an internship in Hanoi for few months... I am already living here for one month and enjoying my life in Hanoi but would to have some more contact. I have got my motorbike in here so the possibility to move around, I am living in Ba Dinh District and working in Hoan Kiem.

Thanks in advance !

Hi, My name is Lee !!! if you want to make friend with me , you can contact me through email. mine is : camni020192[at]gmail.com. hope to see you soon ^.^

Coucou j'ai vu ton message et aussi que tu vivaisà Ba Dinh moi aussi!!! si tu veux on peut aller se prendre un verre!!
Bonne soirée!!

hi every one!

My name nga

I am living Ha noi

Email: ngaphampb[at]gmail.com

Hi, I'm Thu. I also work in Hoan Kiem District. It's nice if we can meet and talk with each other sometimes. However, I'm 25 :)

Hi Kevin, i am a Vietnamese and i am also working in Hoan Kiem.
Nice to make friend with you. I sent you my contact to your Inbox

Welcome to Hanoi and also to Blog.
Keep active in this site..
Wish you all be happy..

Hello, my name is Alan, 49 year, i am from Norway, i live in Dich Vong District, i stay permanent in the city, i come to Hanoi 7 monts ago, i am married to an Vietnamese women, but somtime it is nice to talk with someone who is not Vietnamese!

Regards from Alan

Hi Alan
Nice to see you here in Hanoi and welcome to Hanoi and blog too.
Keep posting and be active in this site.
I'm Expat who living here from bit long time.

Wish you be happy and enjoy Vietnam life.

Hi Kevin,
Welcome you to Hanoi. Big hug!
I also have internship for few months in Hanoi, till July. My name is Tiffany, and I am Hanoian, studying abroad. Nice to meet you. If you need any help, don't hesitate to talk with me. I'm willing to help you with all my best.
You can inbox me in Expat-blog.com :)

Welcome! there are many people want to make friend with you. Hope you will have alot fun in Ha Noi :)

Hi Tiffany
Welcome to Blog. keep writing here and be active.
Wish you have a great time when studying oversea too.
Take care

Welcome to Hanoi.
Hope you will have memorable memories in Hanoi


Je suis arrivée hier et je fais également un stage de plusieurs mois à Hoan Kiem!

Ça me ferait aussi plaisir de pouvoir rencontrer un autre stagiaire français!

Hey mate, My name is Hong, 25 female live in Hanoi. i would be happy if you like to make friend and someone to show you abit about the place and i can be one of those. However, I am not in VN at the moment but i will be in Hanoi at the begining of June so i think, it would be fine.

Here is my Skype hghg988 if you like to talk on this app( it is 3 hours ahead according to Hanoi's time) or should i have your contact? I will call u when i am back in Hanoi ok?

hi guys,
I'm Kim, 100% Vietnamese....lolzzz...I live in Hanoi. I'm a freshman at university, now. I hope to meet and talk with you guys.
Have fun! <3

Hi Jade Von Memeth,

Please note that you posted on an english speaking forum, I suggest you to post on the french section of Forum Hanoi.

Thank you.


Hi Kevin,

Contact me if you need some help. Welcome
My name is Thanh.

Hi Kevin,

Hope that you are still in Hanoi.
If you would like to have a friend who can chat chit or share exp, I'm here.

my skype is thinvt88

Welcome to Hanoi and have fun!

Jane - Sunway Hotel Hanoi


Hi Kevin
I live in HCMC so if you come HCMC, let me known. :lol:

Are u still looking for friend :) . Call me if u still looking .

Dear Kevin,

I am Hong, living in Hanoi, let's make friends.
If you need any help, pls let me know, especially in real estate for rent.

Ms Hong

Hello Alan! It's nice to talk to you :)
Let's make friend and share experience in living in Hanoi and life.

Ms Hong

Hi, i'm Lan. i love traveling and making friends with other people. i am living in Hanoi. Nice to meet you. you can contact me via my email box: [Moderated: send details in private pls]

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