Good Places to take a girl for a date in Hanoi. Thank you

Hello there, I'm from Cau Giay and I was wondering if anyone could be of great help and recommend somewhere fun a girl for a date, preferably in the Tay Ho area? If not I'm open to anywhere. Thank you very much!

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I live in Cau Giay too, but there is no place for dating at our district but cinema :v
Coffee shop near Ho Tay (West Lake) or Ho Guom (Sword Lake) is a good idea.
Sometime, I would like to hang out with my friends at walk street at weekend. (near Trang Thi street and Ho Guom)
You should try some bars such as 1900, Hero bar at Ta Hien st, or some live-music bar (Cong cafe Trung Yen, Poligon coffee bar at Cat Linh street...)

The Unicorn Pub, in Bà Dinh between the old Quarter and Tay Ho has been named one of the best date bars in Asia. Quiet, occasional live music and strangely unique cocktails make this a great place to impress a woman who would like a chill place to focus on her date., not fight sweaty backpacker crowds on Ta Hien

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