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Hi, All I am interested in connecting with and chatting to any teachers already in China to hear what your experiences are of living and teaching in the country are. What has been your greatest challenges in adapting to the country?I can also offer teaching jobs should any of you be looking for new contracts in the fall or if you have friends who are also considering moving there.

Hello, Am Sam and i wolud appreciate so much if u can connect me to some teaching job opportunities that u may have come across. Am currently in China, in Yiwu to be precise. My email address is '[email protected]' I have one year experience as a teacher. Thanks

Hello milla39.

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Concerning the job offers, can you please post your ads in the Jobs in China section?


Hello Sam -> Do not hesitate to post an advert in the Jobs in China section. ;)

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I will do that.


Hi Mila,

I'm Richard and I'm from just outside of Chicago, Illinois. I am interested in teaching in English in China, possibly in Shenzen, or perhaps Dalian? I graduate from Purdue University with my Bachelors in Behavioral Science on May 20th.

I served 6 years in the United States Army in Europe, and I really would like to learn about the Chinese customs. I have been doing some research on pay and accomodations, but it seems a little overwhelming. I see that soem moonlighting is not acceptable, but what to do if the pay is not very high?

Please get back to me? I am looking at possibly making the move in the fall. I have alot of experience in training classes in the military, but I assure you I am not an authoritative kind of man. I love to laugh, and I know I could really connect with the Chinese students.


Thank you for your message. I would love to help you and send more information on live there as well as give you info on our schools where we offer placements. Please send me your email address and I will contact you. Mine is [email protected] 

Keep in mind that a BA degree is not sufficient to teach. All the schools require a BA + a TEFL/PGCE at least to be able to teach. We have a partner offering the TEFL 120 hour online course and my candidates get 10% discount. Once you have completed a 120hour certificate through them we can guarantee a placement.

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