Mobile phone plans?

Hey all!
I will be coming to brussels in a little over a month (yay!) and was just wondering about cell phone plans.  I have checked online and found the major companies (mobistar, base, proximus).  but i was wondering how contracts work.  I am use to signing a 2-3 year contract and getting a phone at a substantial discount.  i can't figure out if this is the same there, or if you have to outright buy a phone.  can someone shead some light on this for me?  and if anyone can suggest the best company to go with, that'd be awesome :)


Over here you can buy a contract with a discounted handset (for example Telenet recently did a deal where yuo got an iPhone 4S on a 2 year contract for €1 )

I moved to BASE recently, I pay €25 per month (post bay, like a bill) for 150 minutes of calls, free texts and 2GB bandwidth within belgium.. If you call other countries etc. or roam the bill will obviously be higher but there is no "contract" as such, if you want to leave you just give 1 months notice.

The other providers offer similar deals but I've had a bad personal experience with mobistar so I chose not to go with them.

Phones are cheap enough for basic handsets, if you have a decent one yourself I think (open to correction) that it will also work here in Belgium

If I'm not mistaken you MUST have a SIM/GSM capable phone. In the US there are alot of companies that don't use the sim style phones. If yours is unlocked it will most likely work here... I use a pay and go as I don't make much use of a cell phone since I arrived. I just load money onto the phone as needed.

The best plan I've found is with Mobile Vikings, its best for data, not so great for voice mins.

Of course, Mobile Vikings is the best chose for internet.

Clearly that's no many of possibilities in Belgium to find a great mobile contract. You will spend 2-3 times more for your phone here than in other EU countries but I think the best choice is BASE. You have unlimited calls to all others companies.


The best for internet is Proximus Generation Connect. It offers 4G speed in the big cities for a pre paid of 20euro's. It works the same as Mobile Vikings. Speeds are up to 30 times faster than the Base (MV) network and it's faster than most wifi spots available.

At this moment I've got a monthly subscription called Proximus Smart 35.
It contains 120min calling and unlimited calls after 19h and during the weekends to all Belgian networks (landlines + mobile).
Unlimited sms to all networks in Belgium and 1,5 GB for internet traffic.

For calling abroad I can recommend Lyca Mobile. You can get their simcards in every night shop in the big cities.

I came last week only to Brussels and my relocation consultant ordered smart 35 (proximus). I do have an unlocked phone from US and was wondering that how does this smart 35 works? Is there any contract with it and for how long? I guess that once I will get the sim card, I need to activate it and from then only they will charge 35€ per month, please correct me if I am wrong. Also, I am planning to move from temporary residence in 2-3 months, so, can I bundle this smart 35 with internet too? Right now, I am living in temp residence which provides internet too.


I will be moving to Brussels in a couple of months. I am looking for a good deal on a cell phone plan. Since I will only be living there for six months, I'm looking for a cheap, month-to-month deal. My apartment fees will include wifi, so lots of data is not a major concern for me. However, reasonably priced long-distance options would be nice! Any suggestions? So far, Base's month-to-month plans look alright. Also, I would like to use my current smartphone overseas. Anyone know if the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X has the appropriate SIMcard? I also have a blackberry curve that I could get unlocked.



Cheap long distance calls?
Best bet is Ortel, they have the market on that.
You can get monthly plans or just go pre pay.. I think if you have wifi and stuff already you should also look into Skype minutes or the likes of Whatsapp for your smartphone

Hey! Thanks so much for the tip! How much are their monthly plans?



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