About English teaching job in Quang Ngai province (near by Hoi An)

Hi friends who are going to move to Hoi An,

My name is Tam. I am living and working in Ho chi minh city. I have an idea about English teaching. In my hometown- Quang Ngai province (it takes about 2-3 hours from Hoi An to my hometown by bus/train), there is just a few of English schools which have English teachers (who come from speaking English country) teach for students.
I know a lots of parents in my home town want their children to talk and listen in English well through joining in English classes which have English teachers. So I want to open some English classes which have English teachers who have the native English skills. Of course, when I finish I will send message for you to invite you to teach in these English classes. I will help you rent a room, and share anything about Quang Ngai life style to make you feel comfortable when you live and teach in my home town.

First, I want to know some information to set up my first step in my idea.
If you care about my idea, could you answer some following questions,plz?:

1. Do you have certificate and special experience about English teaching?
2. How many hours can you teach per day?
3. How much is commensurate with a teaching hour do you require to receive? and hope to receive?
4. What else outdoor activities which you want to take part after your teaching (at weekend or day-off)?
5. How long are you going to stay in Vietnam for teaching in my home town in case you can?
6. And do you have anything to recommend for me about my idea?

For your information:

Living cost in my hometown: medium room included water, electricity (700.000 vnd about 30-35 USD/a month), medium meals (2.000.000 vnd= 90-100 USD/a month), medium another things: petrol, medicine, party, coffee, wedding, clothes, soap, shampoo,... (1.400.000 VND = 60-70 USD/a month).

My hometown is small and peace town, rainy season is from Sep to
March annually. It has some beautiful sights, pagoda, mountain, long beach, long river.

I am going to open English classes include 10 students/1 class. The age of students around 7-15, and the main purpose is making them review background English and can listen and speak better.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.




im quite interested working in Quang ngai. I am an English teacher. contact me at 01264917580.


Dear Hanna,

Nice to hear from you. Can you share some information (through my questions) with me through private message?

I am look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Greetings Tam,
I just returned from 5 weeks in Vietnam from Hanoi, Vinh, Hoi An, HCMC, Ben Tho and on into Cambodia.  I love your country!! I live in Montana (not too rural). About 50 miles south of MIssoula, a college town.  We met our friends in Hanoi and then traveled to Vinh and spent some time with them in their hometown.  My son and Linh's son (Vinh local) are both nine years old and came along with us.  After we left Vinh, my son and I spent 10 days in Hoi An and fell in love and continued to do so throughout the rest of our trip (loved Hanoi too, we spent a week there!).
So, enough about how enchanted I am with Vietnam. I am potentially interested in your teaching project to a capacity that I am able.  Further, my friend, Linh, while back here is the US now also, shared with me that she was interested in opening up a small school in Vinh also and if I would be interested.
Since I have a young son and am currently homeschooling him until next year, it would be necessary that he join me until the summer months when he visits his grandparents and goes to camp.  Specifically, I could potentially come out for a short period of time to assist in getting you started for a few months.
My teaching experience consists only of teaching my son the last year. I also have a Bachelors degree in Sociology. Further, I have owned four restaurants in my town since 2000 and have organized many events and led many teams to success on many levels.
I would welcome a return email and will help in any way that I possibly can.
I wish you much success!

I lived in Vietnam last year, I am currently living in Thailand, I would be interested to work with you.
I hold a TEFL certificate in English, I am an Australian.
My email is. juleenresumes[at]yahoo.com

Good afternoon Tam,
I am looking for a job teaching English in Vietnam and that is how I came across your post about needing English teachers in Quang Ngai. Are you still looking for help??

I have a college degree, as well as a certificate that allows me to teach English to those who don't speak the language. Right now I am a teacher in the USA and I have also been a teacher in Thailand and Cambodia. I am looking to come to Vietnam for a year, maybe longer.

I hope that I will hear from you soon!

Warm regards,

Hi Meghan,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

I suggest you post your resume in the Teaching jobs in Hoi An section please :)

Best of luck to you !

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Thank you for the helpful suggestion!

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hi , I love Hoi An ! I have been there twice and I'd love to live there. I am also an English teacher and I'm interested in your idea for the school. Are you running the school now? I'd love to hear from you

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