Hội An teaching job

Hello Everyone!

I just arrived in Saigon less than a week ago. I am interested in teaching in Hội An or Để Nâng. Can anyone point mẹ in the right direction?

it's just before Tết (Lunar New Year) and schools will be closed for about two weeks and then things will be slow after that for a month or two. There's still some work around though, just less demand until summer.

Eventually, you will need to travel up to DN/Hoi An but with millions on the move during the holidays, you may want to stay in HCMC for the time being, which will be largely empty as people travel back to their hometowns and then to some touristic spots such as Da Nang and Hoi An.

In the meantime, you can get some information about teaching in Vietnam by simply contacting and corresponding with the schools. You can find some job ads here:


Additionally, a web search will turn up the the websites of the larger schools such as ILA, VUS, AMA, etc. You can directly ask them about your chances of being hired, potential salary, visa/WP info, etc. In addition, if you're on Facebook, look for "teaching jobs" and "expats" in DN/HA.

Anyway, take what they say with a grain of salt and don't agree to anything before arriving. Just network with everybody and maybe have some interviews set up for when you get there.

One last point, both of those places are among the most popular, so the competition is likely to be rather heavy and having a backup plan will serve you well.

I really appreciate your response. Thank you.

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