HIV and AlDS and Sexual behaviour change

Hello there! My name is Kudakwashe Pakai but its best you all call me Pakai for short. I'm passionate about journalism.communications,digital marketing,reproductive health issues and Behaviour change communications.I think it would be good to talk more about HIV and AIDS statistics in the Countries we are in or those we visit. So that we are both aware and cautious.We can also talk about interventions that are also being used to thwart this pandemic.this information is vital to our health and sexual preferences

Travelling or not let's watch our sexual trash Habits. According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, the primary Academic meaning of Garbology is the study of (mostly modern) refuse and trash.As an academic discipline it was pioneered at the University of Arizona and long directed by William Rathje.The study of Gabology is a major source of information on the nature and changing patterns in modern refuse and therefore,human society as a whole.The study is important in this instance as some of its' research will help me to contextualize my subject matter even so more vividly.The rate at which Garbage or any thing considered to be garbage,is being disposed off in modern society is astounding.Individuals easily toss away what they have no longer any need for any more. However throwing something away is just a state of mind, for(away) is just a way of putting it out of one's sight and leaving it else where often in some one else's path.This is not solving the problem because this trash often affects someone's sensibility or becomes a an obstruction to someone's path.The ease at which we can throw something away and the lack of consequences for doing so,increases the likelihood that we will continue to do so.How many alleys and path walks are littered with sexual trash,like condoms both used and un used,under garments including used pregnant test kits.What of dead dumbed babies? In most cases when we see such things,we often turn a blind eye,look away or laugh about it and sometimes walk right through. The trash does conjure up vain images in our imagination,of what would have taken place.Through such trash habits one should know that we are in fact exposed as a careless,sex hungry society that has no self respect and and no respect for Authority as well as others.What is interesting to note is that most of this sexual trash is often accompanied with an instruction:(dispose off properly),it shows society is not following instructions.No one needs to know or is interested in a careless person's sexual adventures or even to know of their encounter with a night Prostitute. Our mind is a retainer,garbage in garbage out. Why can not we behave responsibly and watch our sexual habits each time we travel locally or abroad. When you walk in alleys or path ways, please do not empty your sexual trash there or leave such evidence for us to find. Let's be Considerate of others.

Mate, is sex your first preoccupation about moving abroad ?

Come on !

I'm in Zimbabwe and would like to visit France. I hear France is the place to go for all things glamourous.As journalist writer and photojournalist which are the best places I can go to experince art,literature and nature?

Hi kudakwashe Pakai > i invite you to post your questions on the France forum.

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Mr Julien! A question for you: ignorance of the law is not a defence so I'm trying to familiarise myself with the rules and tell me if u feel my literature u made reference to is inappropriate for this blog.I do not want to violate any of the terms.Thank you

As I already replied to you in private, there is nothing wrong in your post, I was just astonished that your first question about living in a foreign country was about sexual disease.

A question for you:

and your question is ?

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