What happens in a car accident hit-and-run case?

Hello Sir,

Your issue already resolve?Can please tell how I have same situation. Thanks

Hello i am college school driver in behind of signal me and another guy lets move the car and hitting that guy siad ask in najim but i am unfortunately what happened that time my car inside the teachers but little bit of scratch so i take the picture of another hitting car and left now but when i cane the college he said some person this way not wright may be if give u penalty for 10,000 sr this is true i am 2 much suffering and didn't sleep more then 2days always ask najm that same ni8 he didn't came also gi morour office he said give the complaint with your sponsor what can i do next please tell me i will pay 10,000sr fine. Otherwise what can i do please let me know any one 🙏

Last 6 months ago, a Saudi phoned me and said that I ran away after causing an accident in his car, and he told the police, but the police did not give me any messages or calls, but instead gave him papers saying that I ran away, now he gave them to me. Claiming 102,000 riyals from the insurance company, the insurance did not pay the claimCalling me and saying that they will not take responsibility for it, I went to the traffic police office and asked the Saudi to come with all the papers, but he did not come, now he is saying that he has sent it to the court, what should I do in this situationI don't understand anything? I asked Saudi that I had an accident with your car, and he said, "Do you have any documents? I saw the number plate of your car. If anyone knows what I did at this moment, please help me!