Considering moving to St Luica

Considering moving to St Luica

Hello all i wonder if you can offer me some advice.  I have been offered a fabulous job and am seriously considering the move.  Will be visiting again this march to scope out the opportunity and job/accommodation details etc.  im a little hesitant as i have lived in three countries and not sure I can face moving again although St Lucia is stunning i am currently in New York (im from London) and the difference in lifestyle is going to be enormous.  Im single in my 30's and not sure how that's going to work out in St Lucia.  My job will be mostly based in SL but half the time will be travelling to the other islands so I hope I can make friends with both locals and expat european/americans.  Im very social and have an amazing group of girl friends here in NY i wonder if i can find that there?  as an english tall blonde single woman do you think safety is going to be an issue? Last time i moved countries was always with a partner this is the first time in considering it on my own. i just don't want to feel cut off and lonely.  don't mean to sound pathetic but that's my biggest concern.  Thanks looking forward to your advice/experiences/opinion. Cheers

Hello MillyRobins.

Welcome to! :)

Hope other members will give you some advices soon.

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Hi Milly,

Moving to the Caribbean always has it's share of issues, but if you can take things in stride and with a sense of humor and adventure you will do just fine.

I would recommend living up in the north, ie Rodney Bay area.  Then you will be close to the marina,  where most of the early evening socializing in the Expat world takes place.  The gyms can be a great place to meet friends, both male and female.

Send me a private message, and I can give you some contacts such as real estate agent, names of the gyms, local eateries, etc. for when you are here in March.

You will get hit on, there is no doubt about that ... but, an "are you kidding me look" and a strong "no thanks" will generally send them on their way.