WANTED: your old rubbish!!

Strange request....

Im looking for unwanted/broken furniture for an art project Im undertaking.  It doesn't matter what condition - Im happy to take it!

Smaller pieces are better, chairs, old boxes,lamps, small tables etc.  I dont have a car but can collect within the Haarlem/Amsterdam central area :)

magazines too are welcome.

So if you would like to recycle your od stuff rather than just throwing it away, just let me know and I can take it off your hands!



Hello Penny.

Maybe you could post an advert in the Haarlem classifieds. It may help. :)

Thank you,

Hi  Penny,

Sounds like an interesting Art project....I have quite a bit of odds and ends that might be of use to you.
I live near the station in Haarlem and you are welcome to have a look to see if any of it is of use in your project.

My email is asharkey@zonnet.nl

and telephone is  023 5322387

Happy hunting


Not interested then on a big broken parasol right?

A big old parasol?  Wonder what to do with it....don't be rude with your suggestions!!!:)

Are you still looking for stuff?

Yep, I'm still happy to take things if you have anything I can recycle!

Great! After we moved here I redecorated the house and I still have 8 chairs that need to go. Do you have  number I can call you on or do you want to call me so I an give you more info?

Hi Sandra,

Sorry I was in hospital with a foot op, my email is burtonpenny@gmail.com if you still have them, I dont get much mobile reception at home!

I'm sorry Jenny... I no longer have the chairs.