Hairdresser needed!!

hi all,

I'm living in the Haarlem area and in desperate need of a haircut :)  I've heard that salons here can be expensive and Ive also had some bad experiences with hairdressers in the past so can anyone recommend a good local hairdresser at a reasonable price? 


Hello Penny.

Welcome to the forum! :)


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Well near the schalm winkel in oude stad, u can find a kapper with price 15 euro and it is cheap in Dutch people's range. I have tried it and pretty good. Satisfied! And now I just got info that in Leonardo Davinciplein (Meerwijk- Schalkwijk area) near Vomar/ De Kas winkel, there are 2 kappers. Price for cut is 12,50 euro
But I never try it. Not yet.. :)

Hi! I just moved here from Boston, and an having the same issue, any luck!?

Salon Nadia. Haarlem. Gierstraat. At the back side from V&D
Hair cut for woman is 15 euro. Great hairdresser. I went there with a pic from a magazine and she cut my exactly the same as the pic haha love it!
No more dutch expensive salon for me. Expensive and most of the hairdresser are beginner and dont have any idea what they have t do.
Good luck :-)