young female aussie moving to PNG.

Hi all,
I have recently been offered a position working for a PNG based company as a project administrator, I have been excited about moving to PNG and the new adventure im embarking on, but no one else is exited for me! I have done some research and know a couple of people who have worked there in the past, all I keep hearing are horrific stories mainly from people who knows someone who knows someone who lived or visited or worked there... Just wondering of anyone can give some hints/tips on the things I should honestly be  concerned about or be aware of,  Iam young I am female, but am mature and smart, I can not understand that if its so horrible and so unsafe that people still want to work and live there so I tend not to believe all of what I have heard now im just after some tips on the things I should be weary of from people who are expats and live and work in PNG. I don't expect anything from port Moresby im completely open minded, but don't want to compromise my own safety!

Any info or words of wisdom u can offer would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi Preecie

I eagerly await a response to your post, as I am also considering a move to port moresby, but after most of the stories I heard am a bit concerned for the safety of my wife and kiddies.


hi there,

U want adventure then come to PNG, life is not as easy as what its in Auz( from what I have seen in auz) yes, there are restrictions, like any country u live in, there are rules u need to be aware of. If u want to a 9 to 5 everthing works kind of life then don’t come to PNG! However if u want to live a little on the edge well…..

I have been in POM ( travel the whole of PNG ) for 6 months now, I ate the place and am in love with the place, if that sense.

U have to fight to make things work and I promise its not for faint hearted at all. However its what u make of it. If u live in fear of being robbed then u likely to be robbed. If are aware of what’s around u at all times then u will be fine. If you treat all the nationals with respect of being a visitor in another person’s house then u will be fine.

Make sure u get a break worked into your contract that u are on for a certain time and off for a certain time then get out of PNG for that time.

People are a bit clicky here I will admit but then again I don’t really think to much about the snooty ones, however there is a social circle here and for those u are introduced to sick together.

I am a straight shooter I say it for what it is, u want brutal truth drop me a line.

Truth be told its not as bad as everyone thinks, especially the ones that have never been here lol

Thanks for your reply very useful information indeed, I def don't work to a 9 and 5 and am def one of those who is living a little on the edge, I have got a break worked into my contract Thank God I know im going to need it. Im glad there is a social circle im not a clicky or snooty person at all I enjoy down to earth people with a good sense of humour so hopefully I will meet like minded people to stick too and im not rolling solo for too long! Brutal truth is good I will drop u a line for sure :)

Coo, I am in thailand now will be back in png next week, my cell 71626960, what kind of work are u doing ?

Yeah well have found most people don't the brutal truth, seems to scare them, me I love adventure and doing new things, weekends I spend diving and meeting a lot of interesting people, weekdays travelling png working and looking for new dive site ( grin) don't tell the boss that.

Sounds to me u gonna fit in just well. Will intor u around if u need help shout Brad

Hi Preecie,

I spent last year 9 months in PNG. There are few things that you may consider there:

1) Not recommended to walk alone on the street; Never during the night;

2) Recommended to be in the car with somebody else; Preferably don't drive by yourself;

3) Go for shopping in the Shopping Mall; there is no problem if you are alone;

4) Restaurants: there are few good restaurants;

5) There are few beauty salons (in hotels)where you can get a massage, facial treatments, make your nails; If you need to color your hair ...Better to do it by yourself;

I've met there very nice and firendly people, great colleagues, but like in many other places you should take some cautions.

No need to be afraid or scared. Yes, terrible things happened there, but after you start knowing the place and people you'll realise that it is not so bad.

I love PNG and I'm looking forward on going back there, in March, for 3-4 months.



Hi Preecie,

Always trust your instinct and safety first. I've been here in PNG for 6 years and I have seen a lot most of my time spent here in Lae encountered series of rascals and in Moresby too. Actually, last year there are incidents that one Aussie family were held up and the daughter got abused, one fellow Filipino chopped in the neck by the rascals and without good hospital unfortunately he died.. Want to know more just drop me a message :)

thanks so much for your help eugenia exactly the info i was after. hahaha im also glad there are some beauty salons that thought did cross my mind the other day!!! :)

Aaah note on the hairdressor( hard earned lesson )  doing your own color I went to waterfront asked for higlights and got color change instead worse not even the right color went red aaaaargh had to go number one. Thank goodness hair grows back.

U see never a dull moment in png hehege got to love it

Hi dsvisper wow safety first is def going to be my new motto i think. i have heard of things like this happening over there but like you said "trusting your instincts" is the way to go, i hope my instincts and common sense are going to keep me out of harms way. im going to be in PNG for quite some time so hopefully i learn quickly how it all works and how not to end up in a bad situation and that i don't become complacent as people can if they have been somewhere for a while.   thanks for your post, i will be landing in PNG in 6 days and only now have i started to feel the nerves :/

Oh by the way just to prove that it can be done in PNG went back to the same hairdressing salon and hey he got right heheheeh,

brad-o-sarus rex :

Aaah note on the hairdressor( hard earned lesson )  doing your own color I went to waterfront asked for higlights and got color change instead worse not even the right color went red aaaaargh had to go number one. Thank goodness hair grows back.

U see never a dull moment in png hehege got to love it

OMG i will def be doing my own hair i think, unfortunately im not a girl that will look any good with a number 1..... lol, and my hair is "MY THING!!" im very particular about my hair im not girly by any means but my hair.... i cant have bad hair!! lol brad-o-sarus rex it sounds like u have learnt a few things the hard way over there i will def keep in contact if im having an AAARRRGGGGHHH!! moment when nothing goes the right way!! hopefully some of the lessons u have learnt will keep me from having to learn them the hard way too lol!! :)


I work in PNG for the past 4 years. I have good and bad experience to share but not here. You can email me at azhar[at]


Azhar Muhammad

expect the unexpected.....thats the place you are visiting...PNG. be good or bad, you come and find out. If need to visit small places within Port Moresby during weekends, contact me by email: yeepai[at] or my cellphone 70035359.

we are happy to help you so you can tell the story to the rest of the world about what kind of place is Port Moresby...


Hi there. I'm not sure where your going to live but if its in POM. Then I can help you with some info.
We live there & yes you do have to be careful. I'm not sure who your going to work for, but different companies offer diff services.  Some have drivers that will escort you to your destination & back.. Some let you drive but you are given security updates about where you can or can't go. As a S.W.F  it is not that safe or advisable to drive at night.
Where you live is very important. Will the company provide housing? If so find out where before hand. Some ppl we know where not told they would be sharing a unit. This lead to so many problems, they left PNG. Some places are not that great & security can be lax.  As I don't know you I don't know what your interest are but if you want to chat via email. I'm more than happy to do so. Regards D

Hey Preecie,
Did you ever manage to visit PNG?

Hi Jaydogg > this thread is inactive since 2013. You can start a new discussion with an introduction and ask your questions on the PNG forum, Thank you and good luck

Hi !
We have lived inPNG for the past 33 years .
Our 2 children graduated Gr 12 in one of the IEA International schools in Port Moresby .
They both completed their tertiary education in Melbourne, Australia. Monash Uni and Melbourne Uni .
The son lives in Switzerland and the daughter in Brisbane.
How have we survived ?
1. Always take safe routes - main roads
2. Avoid night clubs and late night
3. Go in groups
4. Cars should have security alarms ? Tinted windows
5. Our house and office had security alarms
6. We employ specially selected security guards
7. People watch you before attempting any pre meditated hold up
8 Exercise at home- not walk on the streets .
Be ready for the unexpected .
Hope this doesn’t discourage you .
We enjoy living here !

How did you find your first 6 months in POM?
I arrived just ten days ago,
Interesting place isn’t it.

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